Particle-type nap pillow-pink blue | siesta pillow. Small pillow. Concentrated. Relaxed.

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Have different enjoyment at different moments! The particle pillow is well shaped, and can be adjusted in shape and height with different sleeping positions. It's used by all ages, holding a small pillow and falling asleep with a happy smile. It's


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Particle-type nap pillow-pink blue | siesta pillow. Small pillow. Concentrated. Relaxed.

รายละเอียดสินค้า Table cloth material: 100% cotton double-layer yarn Color: Pink Size: 50 cm long * 24 cm wide ⭐️ Free Eco Bag ⭐️ characteristic: 💞Release neck pressure, adults and children will have good sleep The particle pillow can completely cover the neck and shoulders, release the pressure on the neck and shoulders, and achieve a good sleep. 💞Mobile baby head protection pillow When a baby falls asleep in a car seat or stroller, his head often falls asleep. The nap pillow prevents the sleeping baby's head from falling forward or from the side. Provides gentle support and elasticity to protect your baby's fragile head and neck ps: 1⃣In order to avoid sweating due to prolonged contact with a baby with a hot constitution, it is recommended to use it when the baby is asleep 2⃣The nap pillow is filled with particles, which can be changed immediately according to the size of the baby's head and the environment of the baby seat / stroller, so that the baby has the most comfortable fixation. 💞Nap in the office without hump Go to work, go out to sleep with a pillow, feel uncomfortable on the back 💞School nap without hump Children no longer feel oppressed on their backs and feel unwell Aunty mother suckling The particle pillow core is shaped according to the customary feeding posture, so that the pregnant woman's mummy can say goodbye to "mother's hand" 💞Back cushion Use it on the back, both adults and children can make it straight, not hump 颈 neck and leg Close fit to release local body pressure and achieve relaxation 💞No zipper design, reduce the chance of scratching Sleeping pillows without zippers are the safest, so you don't have to worry about your baby's face being scratched 💞 Pillow cleaning is no longer an issue Can be washed directly with water, hand rub (do not machine wash), particle filling will not be affected 💞Removable and washable table cloth Always keep clean and reduce allergies. When using for adults or children, do not need to spread additional towels such as toilet paper and handkerchiefs to prevent facial oils. Wash in the morning, dry in the afternoon, and continue to use at night. Multipurpose nap pillow Not only for Northern Nose Daddy who is hard at work can be a nap pillow than mummy Enjoy unprecedented comfort and breathability How to clean the table cloth? 1. After the removed table cloth is washed by hand with cold detergent, put it in a cool place to dry. (It is recommended to wash separately from other clothes to avoid dyeing. And do not throw it into the washing machine to wash directly, so as not to damage the structure of the table cloth) 2. Before installing the tablecloth on the pillow, please use your hands to concentrate the particles at both ends of the pillow into the center of the pillow. 3. Then put the two ends of the table cloth into the two ends of the pillow, which can be easily completed. How to clean the pillow? 1. It is recommended to clean the area with a toothbrush moistened with water or a damp cloth if it is dirty, and then air dry in a cool place. 2. If the pillow core has a large range of dirt, it needs to be cleaned. After washing it with cold hands, it can be air-dried in a cool place. Before the table cloth is put into the pillow core, make sure that the core particles are completely dry. (Do not throw it directly into the washing machine to wash or dehydrate, so as not to damage the structure of the pillow itself)


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