Vegan Karma Book Goat Song Tragedy Artist Book Handmade Book

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Artist's Book Handmade Book Vegan Workbook "Song of the Goat" Vegan Karma Book «τραγῳδία»



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Vegan Karma Book Goat Song Tragedy Artist Book Handmade Book


**Order in the pre-order period, plus one of three free gifts: hand-wired thin book "Vegan Workbook" photo album, mini black hard enamel metal badge, vegan kid hard enamel metal badge** "You have finished your meal; even if the slaughterhouse is rigorously hidden away from the elegant distance, you are still an accomplice. (You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.)" — — Ralph Waldo Emerson "The process of raising animals and then killing them as food is unpleasant, but the hidden methods allow us to safely isolate this process."-Meloni Joy, Blind Carnivore After carefully understanding how industrial livestock works, he decided to adopt the "Vegan" concept of life. After one year of incubation, he started the "Vegan Workbook" series. The first work, "Goat Song", is the product of vegan life practice. In the kitchen, use the "eating paint" to paint in the most lifelike way: noodles are lines, colorful plants are color; after cooking, take pictures with mobile phones, edit images on social software Instagram, and finally edit " "Eat". The remaining "digital image" uses "art micro-spray" and "digital printing" to generate "high-priced" and "low-priced" "plural originals"; Woven Flexagon folding binding is used to express the mobile phone by hand Interactive interface browsing mode with social software, and the surface and interior of industrial animal husbandry: the surface page presents portraits of beloved farm animals, and the hidden page presents the truth of the slaughterhouse hidden by the animal husbandry. Each "edible painting" is also a "vegetable milk visual poem", questioning the tradition of drinking milk for adults. "Tragedy" in English Tragedy comes from the Greek τραγῳδία, and its literal original meaning is "the song of the goat". The vegan issue is the most serious and noble issue. In addition, what prompted me to try to understand the animal husbandry is exactly one Unfortunate goat. Twelve visual poems of plant milk, assembled into a goat's song, this is the vegan workbook I handed to myself. The vegan concept life experimental kitchen, daily life without milk and eggs, full of surprises and unforgiving taste buds. Plant Milk Visual Poetry × 12 + Farm Animal Portrait × 2 = Goat Song Plant milk visual poem: 1. <Unbounded dry noodles> Orange tangerine cashew milk white sauce black truffle olive oil mixed with Kanto noodles with pine nuts Hawaiian beans cabbage 2. <Unbounded Dry Noodles> Tomato Cashew Nut Milk Pink Sauce Purple Heart Sweet Potato Noodles 3. <Vegan Apocalypse Cake> Seedless Lemon Whole Kumquat Agave Honey Wild Orange Cashew Jelly Cake 4. <Vegan Latte> Coconut Milk Coffee Latte 5. <Unbounded dry noodles> Mushroom color pepper, glutinous rice pepper, komatsuca, coconut milk, flax seeds, hawaii beans, peanuts, sesame, almonds, pine nuts, and hemp noodles 6. <Vegan Sweet Porridge> Coconut Milk Black Sesame Sauce Purple Rice 7. <Unbounded Dry Noodles> Wild Orange Essential Oil Cashew Nut Hazelnut Coconut Milk White Sauce Black Truffle Olive Oil Angel Fat Noodles with Shallots Macadamia Almonds 8. <Vegan Papaya Milk> Papaya Cashew Coconut Milk 9. <Galaxy Milkshake> Whole Lemon Whole Kumquat Maple Syrup Sweet Orange Essential Oil Coconut Oil Cashew Rice Quinoa Milkshake 10. <Unbounded Dry Noodles> Walnut Milk, Coconut Milk, Soy Milk, Chili Oil, Marsala Spice Sauce, Buckwheat Noodles, Chopped Peppers, Corn Shoots, Carrots 11. <Mung bean paste> Coconut milk mung bean soup 12. <Pot-boiled tea> Cardamom soybean milk rice milk coconut milk ruby black tea (Copyright © Ying-Chieh Liu) @Liuyingchieh Plant Milk Visual Poetry Using Instagram Imaging. # 植物 奶 visual poetry #PlantMilkVisualPoetry # Vegan vegetarian book #VeganKarmaBook # Goat's Song # τραγῳδία Farm animal portrait: 1. Lambs staying at the farm animal shelter (Copyright © Ying-Lai Liu) 2. Calf walking in the slaughterhouse passageway ("I'm scared and don't want to die" Copyright © One Voice) ⋯⋯ to be continued vegan = final × best Size Opened 152 mm W × 306 mm H Material 250g glare card Digital Printing HP Indigo-HP Electrolnk Bookbinding Woven Flexagon Accordion Binding Edition 329 volumes First Edition Year of Publication 2020


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