Pink crystal x red stone x blue agate x angel stone x lapis lazuli x 925 silver ornaments 【Beach Volleyball】

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Pink crystal x red stone x blue agate x angel stone x lapis lazuli x 925 silver ornament x Japanese elastic thread



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Pink crystal x red stone x blue agate x angel stone x lapis lazuli x 925 silver ornaments 【Beach Volleyball】


◆ ■ 【Beach Volleyball】 ■ ◆ Pink crystal x red stone x blue agate x angel stone x lapis lazuli x 925 silverware x Japanese elastic ◆ ■ 【Introduction of Material】 ■ ◆ Rhodochrosite 【Rhodochrosite】 Alias: red stone, Inca rose Prefer practice and action, increase confidence and move towards the goal, so it is also suitable for people with existing objects. Treatment of pain, loss, depression caused by lovelornness, so that the mood is stable and soft. Blue Lace Agate 【Blue Lace Agate】 Make the mind clear, enhance the ability to express, so that the mind is comfortable. It can eliminate stress, ease emotions and calm. Lapis 【Lapis Lazuli】 Alias: Celestite Birthstone month: September Improve spirituality, stabilize mentality, protect the body from evil spirits. Improve communication and expression skills, eliminate anger and conflict Angel Stone 【Angelite】 Natural healers can help us repair wounds, maintain energy stability, and maintain emotional calm. Put people into a calm and stable state. Dispel fear, anger, anxiety, tension, and transform into faith and calm. Pink crystal 【Rose Quartz】 Alias: hibiscus crystal, rose crystal, rose quartz The best love stone is the best choice to attract the opposite sex and the magnetic field of love. Improve impatience and lack of patience, increase affinity, improve interpersonal relationships, and heal emotional trauma. ◆ ■ 【Customized Reminder & Description】 ■ ◆ -If you have a sensitive physical condition to metal, please avoid ordering. -The product photos will show some color difference due to different weather and screen colors. -Hand-made beads will have the shape of small and large ones, if you can't accept it, please don't subscript. -Natural ores will have unique characteristics, ice floes, grains, or mine shortages. We will work hard to select them when we make them, but each bead cannot be 100% perfect. These are all natural benefits. . ◆ ■ 【The part of the hand circumference】 ■ ◆ -After ordering, please let us know how many centimeters are around, which can speed up the time of receiving the work. -If you are unclear, welcome to write and discuss with our team. Hand measurement: -Take a tape measure or a line or a piece of paper around your wrist, spread it out after making a mark, and then measure it with a ruler. -Please give us the right size of the wrist (cm), we need the "solid circumference" of your hand, so don't use too much or too tight. -Finally, please tell whether you want to wear the closed hand (the bracelet can slide slightly) or loose (can slide freely up and down). -Because of the different hand circumferences, the arrangement method will be adjusted slightly according to the length, and the material will be slightly increased or decreased. ◆ ■ 【Accessories Maintenance】 ■ ◆ -If the silver straps come into contact with sweat, skin care products, etc. and cause oxidation, you can use a silver cloth to wipe to restore gloss. -Avoid letting the jewelry touch water and moisture, contact with acid and alkaline body lotions, perfumes, etc. -It is recommended to remove it before playing with water or taking a bath. It may oxidize and fade after prolonged contact. -When wearing Japanese-made elastic thread, try not to pull hard, as the elasticity may become fatigued and cause breakage. ◆ ■ 【After-sales service】 ■ ◆ -For customized products, except for defective products, there is no return or exchange service. -If you need to modify the size after receiving the goods, you need to pay the postage and additional production costs. ◆ ■ 【I hope everyone can find their own unique natural stone jewelry】 ■ ◆


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