Male lion pride (actual proportion) l custom round art deco painting l hanging painting

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►Circular. Jumping off the square structure seen in the general market, highlight your unique vision. ►Three-dimensional. It is a disc-shaped non-circular plane that gives you a more three-dimensional look and makes your paintings different. (See the pictu



Male lion pride (actual proportion) l custom round art deco painting l hanging painting


Title: Lions pride Brand: Art Xiangyi Art Deco Year of manufacture: 2018 Size: Ø125 x 15 cm Frame: round disc type Material: wood substrate, Raw Lacquer pigment Inlay material: eggshell (nose nose, nose bridge) Production: handmade, original Weight: according to the pattern, between 15~20 kg ***Arts offers 6 free services** Free on-site appreciation / Free to your home appreciation / Free mock-up after hanging on the wall / Free basic hanging construction / Free 1 basic cleaning / Free 1 soft wax maintenance ***Q & A*** **Q: Where is the round decorative art painting suitable for?** A: Round decorative art paintings from South African artists, perfectly combined with Western art and oriental lacquer crafts, whether it is hanging in the indoor porch, living room, master bedroom, hall, reception room or counter, can show the master's taste and domineering Demeanor. **Q: Does Yixiangyi have a physical storefront?** A: Art Deco's decorative art paintings only have special exhibition rooms. You can use the Pinkoi system to inform us of your needs, and you will be able to confirm the time and place of the show room. After seeing the actual product satisfaction, the order is placed at Pinkoi, and there is no credit card or installment service. (limited to Taiwan) **Q: Is there any after-sales service for the round decorative art painting of Yixiang?** A: During the first half to the first year after the purchase of the round decorative art painting, Yixiangyu provides you with a free basic cleaning. From the first year to the second year, Yixiangyu will provide a professional maintenance and cleaning, so that the products you buy are always in good condition. (limited to Taiwan) **Q: How to maintain this round decorative art painting?** A: You can wipe it with water in peacetime. You can also use soft wax for maintenance and cleaning every year. This product has been used in accordance with Taiwan's environmental climate, but it must be placed in the same position as other art goods to avoid ultraviolet rays. [**1. Round art deco makes you different:** a. The work is a circular dish, non-planar, adding a three-dimensional sense of the picture. And the non-commonly used canvas is used as a canvas, but a wooden canvas made by the wooden tire trimming process. This process requires skill and skill to shape and shape without deformation, especially with the design value of the craft. b. The work is different from the appearance of works of the same nature in the general market, providing customers with another new choice of decorative arts. [**2. Round decorative art painting does not need to worry about formaldehyde residue and easy maintenance:**】 a. The paint used in the work is raw lacquer, which is a non-toxic natural lacquer from natural plants, which is not colored by ordinary chemical pigments. b. In addition to providing a bright appearance, the transparent lacquer has a natural protective film effect, which is very suitable for the humid and humid climate of Taiwan, protecting the works from moisture damage and lasting for a long time. c. Each cleaning work only needs to be wiped with water to not deteriorate, and the work has no dead angle design to provide customers with a new experience of decorative art without time-consuming maintenance. [**3. Round Art Deco Size Domineering:**】 a. The diameter of the work is 125cm, which is an auspicious size (refer to Luban ruler), and the round disc shape has the image of perfection and happiness. It is in line with the love of Feng Shui. b. The work 125cm is larger than the general size of the general flat circular canvas 120cm. And for the home porch, Lobby ornaments or the company's facade, it can highlight the owner's mastery and domineering. [**4. The round decorative art painting is unique and has collection value:**】 a. It is not just indoor decorations. There is no template for each piece of work. It is impossible to mass produce COPY. The work that is bought back is the only one. b. The picture itself is not a general plane, and materials such as shells, eggshells or precious metals (such as gold) can be added to increase the collection value of the work. c. There will be an exclusive sealing wax LOGO as proof of merchandise behind each piece.


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