Hand print fabric 250 g / yard

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I would like to offer opportunities for you to select cloth as you like and perform DIY using cloth. All fabrics are pla



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Hand print fabric 250 g / yard


I would like to offer opportunities for you to select cloth as you like and perform DIY using cloth. All fabrics are plain weave cotton canvas with firm hand. On the left end of the fabric is also printed the name "Okkyaku", which characterizes the brand's unique fabric. The representative pattern of the stamp alfa used for cloth expresses feelings of compassion for the land and the environment called Taiwan. The width of the pattern of the hand print fabric is 85 cm and is slightly narrower with respect to the fabric, there is a part of the fabric with no handle as much as 20 cm, so please cut out hand made enthusiasts well and use it. There are two kinds of fabric thickness, 250 g / yard and 400 g / yard. Pattern Story: 70% of the Earth's surface is covered by the ocean, which contains abundant biological resources, various fish, coral and marine creatures. Human beings living on land acquire many precious and beautiful treasures from their vast ocean world. However, due to the endless desires of the people, the treasure of the sea faces a depletion crisis. The faint voice the mother sea is emitting is also rather a serious cry and is trying to wake up people living in the land like treating and respecting the ocean. We listen to those voices and I will try to convey that message as print design to everyone. Fish swimming in the ocean swim with swaying, but the number continues to decrease every day. Whether we can regain the ecosystem where the sea fish can breed, we must continue our efforts. Materials | Cotton Weight | 250 g Place of origin | Taiwan Total width of fabric | 114 cm (print size (part with handle) is 85 cm), length of fabric: 1 yard (90 cm) Washing method | I recommend hand washing. When using a washing machine, please use laundry net. Drying and bleaching are prohibited. In addition, color fading of products may occur due to repeated washing or direct sunlight, etc., ⇋ Product and other notes ⇋ ♪ Please understand beforehand that the product image and the actual color may be different. ♪ The delivery date of the design hall will be 10: 00-13: 00 from Monday to Friday. (Except weekends and public holidays). ♪ When purchasing, if you wish a product with a continuous fabric number, please indicate to that effect on the remarks of the purchase order form. ♪ We do not accept corrections and OEMs for small orders. ♪ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond quickly.


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