Adventure King Japan TAC Polarized Wrapped Blue Light Filter Glasses B15 Brown (2 styles in total)

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Adventure King Japan TAC Polarized Wrapped Blue Light Filter Glasses B15 Brown (2 styles in total)


**Japan ILK Ikangta Corrective Lenses (not sterilized)** **Adventure King Japan TAC Polarized Wrapped Blue Filter Glasses** **product description** The BOKEN-OH polarizing filter blue light lens jointly developed by ILK of Japan and Shiquantang of Japan, made of TAC (Triacetate Cellulose) material, can reach a degree of polarization of more than 99%, and has an excellent effect of blocking glare , Make the field of vision clearer. The B15 brown series lenses have undergone a special dyeing process to block most of the blue light; and they can block more than 99% of UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays, reaching a UV400 level, allowing adults and children to travel outdoors with peace of mind. The mirror surface is treated with Hard-Coating surface strengthening coating, which is more resistant to wiping and can extend the service life. **feature of product** **Adventure King TAC Polarized Lenses** The glare on the water makes it difficult to see objects. Adventure King TAC polarized lenses allow light in a specific direction to pass through and block reflected light to effectively reduce glare, making it easier to see underwater conditions. Of course, it can also block harmful ultraviolet (UV). Adventure King polarized lenses can eliminate the effects of scattering, refraction, reflection and other factors that cause glare. This is because a polarizing film with shutter function is sandwiched between the lenses to block interference light entering from below to ensure a clear vision. In addition, a special film with alternating transparent and opaque layers can block excess light in the vertical and oblique directions by the polarizing film, leaving only the objects that are irradiated by natural light and you want to see. **B15 Brown Series Blue Light Filter Lenses** It can filter blue light and dazzling interference glare, so that the contrast of the object is clearer, and it can also exert its effect in the back light of the morning and dusk. "Ultraviolet rays" cannot reach the inside of the eyes. The "blue light" of visible light can enter the depths of the eyes. "Filter glasses" can filter ultraviolet light while filtering blue light. Tested by the American standard ANSI Z80.3:2018 and the European standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013 (A1:2015) standards, the Adventure King B15 brown series TAC polarized blue light filter lens UVA and UVB ultraviolet ray blocking rates are more than 99%, reaching UV400 grade. **Precautions** 1. Please choose to wear according to the recommendations of the ophthalmologist or professional optometrist. 2. To clean the lens, please dilute it with neutral dishwashing detergent and wash it with cold water, and then dry it with a paper towel or short-fiber toilet paper. 3. Do not wipe the lens with volatile cleaners (such as scouring oil, alcohol), which will damage the lens. **Product specifications** Lens material: TAC (Triacetate Cellulose) polarized lens Filter classification: 3 Lens color: B15 Brown (Brown) Lens coating: Hard-coating UVA penetration rate (315-380nm): 0% (UVA blocking rate above 99%) UVB penetration rate (280-315nm): 0% (UVB blocking rate above 99%) Producer in Japan **Medical equipment related information** License size: Ministry of Health Medical Device No. 014285 Date of manufacture: see the Chinese sticker label on the package Pharmacist’s License: Beifu Heavy Drug Vendor No. 623102H586 Name of drug dealer: Huatang Optical Industry Co., Ltd. Pharmacist Address: No. 9, Lane 72, Guangming Road, Sanchong District, New Taipei City Manufacturer Name: Ikeda Lens Industrial CO., LTD Manufacturer Address: 12-17 Tatsumi Naka 4 Chome, Ikunoku, Osaka 544-0013 Japan **Product Supplement** **Covered mirror design** This product is a set of lens design, you can wear the original glasses first, and then put on this filter set; you can also wear it directly. The upper and lower edges of the frame have a covering design to block light, and there are filter lenses on both sides to block wind, sand and droplets. **Actual wearing photos** Original model: SC-10B (square type) / SC-20B (ball type) Frame material: PC polycarbonate (Polycarbonate) Applicable endoscope size: square type-width 131x height 38mm / pill type-width 128x height 38mm Weight: 27g Accessories: storage bag, lens cleaning cloth, manual **brand introduction** Japan Ikeda Reinko Industry Co., Ltd. was established in Showa 37 (1962). The company is located in Ikuno District, Osaka City. It specializes in the production and sales of various magnifying glasses. The magnifying glass is not only a reading tool for the silver-haired people, but also has a variety of working magnifying glasses and magnifying glasses. Glasses, etc., allow the general public to reduce eye fatigue and improve work efficiency when working. Excellent quality, diverse choices, and affordable prices are the characteristics of Ikeda Reynko Industry Co., Ltd. series products.


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■ TAC polarized light filter blue lens ■ B15 brown series ■ Guard your eyes so you can rest assured ■ Polarization degree above 99% ■ Blocking glare and clear vision ■ UV400 blocks ultraviolet rays ■ Mirror surface is treated with strengthened coating


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