Xingyue Bodhi Buddha Head Bracelet

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Natural material, natural beauty. Gemstones have been formed for hundreds of millions of years, leaving behind natural traces, the beauty of the heavens and the earth, and the beauty of natural defects. If you have a fate, please cherish its naturalness.



Xingyue Bodhi Buddha Head Bracelet


[Material]: Xingyue Bodhi 108 + Yellow Wax Stone + South Red Agate + Huanglong Jade Buddha Head [Size]: Xingyue Bodhi 8mm, Yellow wax stone top beads 11mm South Red Agate 10mm Buddha head: 26.5*20*19mm [gram weight]: 57.7g Xingyue Bodhi is a kind of religious product. Sanskrit is Bodhi, which is the seed of yellow vine. Because each bead surface will be densely covered with small black spots, the big hole is bud (the seeds have germs), from the surface The bud eyes and small dots form a star-shaped moon, so it is called Xingyue Bodhi. Method / Step 1: The surface of the beads of Xingyue Bodhi is covered with uniform black spots, and there is a concave circle in the middle, which is like a star-studded moon, a starry sky, and the stars are holding the moon, hence the name Xingyue Bodhi Known as one of the four famous beads of Bodhi. Transliteration is "wisdom, enlightenment, knowledge, road." Star: refers to the small black or brown dots on the Bodhi. Month: The biggest hemispherical pit with or without germ in the middle of the Bodhi. The efficacy and function of Xingyue Bodhi 1, can help you drive away the guilty feelings inside, do not have to bear major punishment. Not only that, but you can also cultivate your good habits. In addition, you can avoid entering the dangerous situation as much as possible and satisfy your reasonable desires, including money. 2, comfort emotions. The wearer hopes to get more protection from the beads, and use the profound Buddhist thoughts of Buddhism to guide himself to be a human being. 3, making friends with good things, good fortune. You can give the beads to your friends, and wish your friends a successful career. Give them an elder and hope that their elders will be healthy. 4, show taste, reflect the cultivation. Wearing the Xingyue Buddha beads gives people a peace of mind, a great love, a cherished life, a sense of generosity and kindness. It shows the noble sentiments of Buddhism and the world. Dai Fozhu is the expression of Shangen, which reflects the cultivation of a person and is very suitable for entrepreneurs to wear. 5. In addition to Buddhist believers as rosary beads, ordinary people play Bodhi beads, which will play the role of massage hands, while human palms have reflections on many important organs such as human heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney. District. Therefore, it is of great benefit to play Bodhi beads on the human body. 6, Xingyue Bodhi, each bead has a big point and many small points such as the stars to hold the moon, hence the name Xingyue Bodhi. Exciting evil spirits and avoiding disasters can increase auspiciousness. 108: Relatively speaking, this number of beading is more common. Everyone can see it on many beads, alluding to eliminating 108 kinds of troubles, seeking physical and mental stability, and making a gesture of no desire and no desire. The number of people selected to wear Xingyue Bodhi. In addition, 108 is also the sum of the number of scorpio scorpions in Taoist culture, and it also has the meaning of body protection. [Commitment] to ensure that natural jade A goods are trustworthy! [Note] The object is multi-angle shooting. Due to the influence of light, photo and display equipment, there will be a little color cast and error. It is not a description of the discrepancies and quality problems. [Tips]: The natural stone, cotton, stone ribs, impurity points, growth texture, surface minerals, etc., which are naturally formed by natural jade, are the normal performance and characteristics of natural jade, and there are some small flaws in pursuit of perfection. Please be cautious in bidding. Please take a look at the auction rules and be cautious in bidding! If you have any questions, please contact customer service!


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