925 sterling silver [natural cultured pearl necklace]

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Pearl was identified as the birthstone of June, which symbolizes health and longevity, happiness and wealth, but also a



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925 sterling silver [natural cultured pearl necklace]


♦ Product Name: Natural Cultured Pearls Necklace in Sterling Silver ♦ Material: 925 sterling silver ♦ Size: Chain length of 16,18 inches, pearl about 0.4 cm (non-circle) ♦ If the spot orders can be shipped, if there is no suitable size can be ordered, the production time is about 3 to 7 days ♦ Natural cultured pearls, each one is unique, the shape is different, if you mind, please ask private information Every child is carefully crafted ciao design, from thinking, design, production of each step are constantly thinking, how to do better, I hope you receive when you can love this design, and often wear with them Create more beautiful stories. ★ pictures of all the goods may be due to light or computer screen resolution and other factors and have a color difference. ★ hand-made machines can not be as precise as perfect, natural materials can not be exactly the same, unacceptable Please do not order! 【Silverware maintenance and preservation methods 1. After wearing silver jewelry can be used to wipe the surface of cotton or tissue, remove water and dirt, and then stored in sealed bags, to avoid contact with air, the surface brightness weakened. 2. Do not wear silver jewelry while wearing other metal jewelry, so as not to scratch or collision deformation. 3. Silver is the best way to maintain daily wear, because human body fat can produce natural moist gloss. (But best not to take a bath) 4. Keep silverware dry, do not wear swimming, avoid contact with sulfur-containing hot springs and sea water. 5. Vulcanized silver (that is, deliberately black silver), please avoid deliberately wipe light, can not be washed with silver wash. 6, if the silver polishing cloth can be wiped clean, please do not wash with silver water, because the silver wash water is more chemical damage silver, so you can try to use silver swab can not. 7, more details of silverware can be used "100 degrees hot water + salt bar + aluminum foil" solution soaked, you can redox! [Pearl necklace maintenance methods] 1, not near water: Do not use water to clean the pearl necklace, the water can enter the beads of the hole, not only difficult to dry, may also make the inside fermentation, the beads may turn green. If you wear a lot of sweat, you can use a soft towel to carefully wipe clean, dried and preserved. 2, away from the kitchen: pearl will absorb hairspray, perfume and other substances, so do not wear a beautiful pearl necklace to hair. Be careful in the kitchen, do not wear beautiful pearl cooking, steam and smoke can penetrate the pearl, make it yellow. 3, sheepskin Waiting: After wearing pearl necklace pearl wipe clean before leaving, it is best to use sheepskin, do not use tissue paper, because some of the friction paper will pearl wear. 4, need the air: Do not pearl necklace on the long-term safe, do not use plastic bags sealed out every few months to wear out to let them breathe, such as long-term pearl in the box easily turn yellow. Pearl care reference URL: One read ※ silver polishing cloth small supplement Silver polishing cloth can not be washed, it can not be used to wipe glasses, silver polishing cloth because some polishing powder, so after washing no effect!


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