FIRE KING Green Green X Mustard Yellow Linger Coffee Cup 60's Antique Glassware MUG

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FIRE KING Green Green X Mustard Yellow Linger Coffee Cup 60's antique glassware COFFEE MUG Every publication is a physical object


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FIRE KING Green Green X Mustard Yellow Linger Coffee Cup 60's Antique Glassware MUG


FIRE KING Green Green X Mustard Yellow Linger Coffee Cup 60's antique glassware COFFEE MUG **Every publication is a physical object** ============================================= * made in America * Imported goods in the 1960s * Every item is second-hand antiques, non-new items, there must be historical traces * Each item will have different degrees of 瑕疵, please see the photo reference Cups and saucers have always been linked to the trend. Of course, if you are a "trunk", it will be extra, but the Fire King, which was born in the United States in 1942, is an exception, although it was already in 1986. Discontinued, but for 30 years, it has been sought after by American and Japanese antique tableware enthusiasts and various fashion people. By 2011, it was purchased and re-manufactured by Japanese companies, and the name Fire King is constantly appearing in the trend. In the magazine. Although the texture of the Japanese Reissue is indeed different from the original US version, it is true that Fire King is popular with Japanese people and is attracted by the trend. This time I will introduce you to the American version of the antique Fire King single product, no matter the style and quantity are very complete, novice veterans are just as happy! [The value of Fire King] The idea of seeking re-investment first is absolutely correct in any project related to money. If you buy a few old waters and buy only the "old cups", you must know the value of money. The Fire King, born in 1942, is a glass tableware brand owned by American glass manufacturer Anchor Hocking. It is made of hard borosilicate glass, such as the emerald green appearance of jade, and the Fire King cup and saucer have good resistance. Heat and corrosion resistance, so Fire King originally made tableware for American restaurants. The heavy and durable Restaurant Ware series is the design that many Fire King Fans want to start with. The Jane Ray series with radioactive texture along the side of the cup is the brand's first set of household tableware for the public. Although the design is thin and transparent, the price and the difficulty of starting it are relatively low. It can be said that it is Fire. King entry series. In addition to the signature emerald Jadeite design, many people believe that Fire King is most impressed with a relatively white color and printed with a McDonald's logo. This cup was launched together with Fire King and McDonald's decades ago. The version and the Canadian version, the former price is slightly higher than the latter, although the circulation is quite a lot in the same year, but the good-keeping has been bought for many years, and the price has been only upward. In addition to the McDonald's version, Fire King has also launched special editions for other American fast foods such as Burger King, Coca Cola and some American brands, but in the case of low production, the difficulty and price are relatively high. 【Production Year】 From the 40s to the 70s, the original US version of Fire King used to produce different cups, bowls, saucers and other tableware. If you want to know the age of the Fire King item, just reverse the bottom. The design of the logo and the glyph are used to infer the period of the year. Incidentally, the bottom of the Jane Ray series, which was introduced after 1971, will no longer be marked.


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