PAPERIAN YW reading progress tracking note paper (12 photos) -02 simple yellow, PPR38807

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●YW reading progress tracking note paper ●Designed for the book lovers to tear the note paper ●12 sets into the back of each group without stickiness ● 230g thick paper can be used as a bookmark


Chocho Design

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PAPERIAN YW reading progress tracking note paper (12 photos) -02 simple yellow, PPR38807


/**Product descriptions and stories**/ There are three common points in love books: one book/two books/three books, this reading progress tracking table is designed for the book lovers. Allows you to record your reading progress, and you have more ingenuity so that you can transcribe classic passages. This is a time of fun and fun that completely immerses you in your own happiness. He is a reading progress tracking table, or it can be a small card after reading, and can be used as a bookmark. After the recorded tracking form, please leave it and collect it in the ticket. This is a wonderful moment with temperature and feel. It must be treasured. You can use paper tape to stick to the book you are reading, and keep track of your reading time. When you want to write down your post-reading experience, you can also write it directly on the back of the note, so that even if you borrow a book, you won't lose your inspiration because you can't mark it. 230g thick paper, not easy to tear or wrinkle, size 6x17cm easy to carry, tearable back non-adhesive, slim and long to carry with books, can also be glued to the wall / desk or table mat to track the target management. /**Product Description**/ Commodity contains: a group of 12 large in (not including other shooting props). Front → record the progress of the reading, back → can transcribe your favorite classic paragraphs. The slim shape is suitable for carrying with books. It can be torn and the back is non-adhesive. The paper is specially selected from 230g thick paper, which is not easy to tear or wrinkle, and can be marked as a bookmark card. Color / style: a total of 2 colors: simple yellow / simple white, please go to the various pages to buy. *小叮咛: There is no adhesive coating on each back. If you need to stick it, you can choose another paper tape or sticker. The color in the product map will be different from the actual color of the product due to different screen displays and light source angles. Please focus on the entity. The Target Tracking Note Paper series also has the following series: PAPERIAN 100-day A4 target tracking note paper (6 photos), a total of 4 models. PAPERIAN YW 100-day target tracking note paper (12 photos), a total of 2 models. PAPERIAN YW 30-day target tracking note paper (12 photos), a total of 2 models. PAPERIAN YW Read progress tracking note paper (12 photos), a total of 2 models. PAPERIAN 30-Day Target Tracking Note Paper (12 photos), a total of 10 models. Please go to the product page of each series to purchase: / Product Size / 6x17 cm / Packing size / 17x6.5x0.5 cm / weight / 30 g / Material / 230g thick paper (PAPERIAN Brand Zone Link) (The design hall will clear the treasure area link)


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