[Companion] classic pet table - free lettering (lettering content, please leave a comment message) handmade / wood dining table

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We work with well-designed high-quality log pet table, Companionship not only with adults and children companionship, th



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[Companion] classic pet table - free lettering (lettering content, please leave a comment message) handmade / wood dining table


[Companion] basic models - solid wood pet table 【Wood Material】 pine wood Attached with two French imports of tempered glass bowl "A pet table from the forest, a phytoncid filled with wood" Glad to introduce We work with well-designed high-quality log pet table, Companionship not only with adults and children companionship, this time also come with the companion Hello Mao ~ Whether it is the height of the table, width, are tested again and again, We found 4 dog testers, including Chai Chai and Meeks, To verify our well-designed pet table, The purpose is to make the baby eat more happy, Of course, the result was a mess in the bowl, and everyone was having fun! Our pet table design has six characteristics: 1. Around mining arc design, to avoid the collision of the baby injured. 2. Leggings feet one-piece design of the oblique foot design, not only beautiful and elegant appearance, but also better support. 3. Four tables are equipped with anti-slip mat at the foot, not only are not afraid to eat baby while pushing the table, not to worry about the floor will scratch! 4. Selection of French imports of strengthened glass bowl, texture more points! 5. To strengthen the bottom slippery function, do not have to worry about eating bowl turned off Oh! 6. custom carved pet name, each table is a baby exclusive! Every friend who orders a table with us ~ we will be in the lower right corner of the table Carved for you your baby name, baby exclusive pet table. This table we are pure hand-made, welcome to order with us Oh! 【Common Q & A】 People often ask questions, companion first sorted out to everyone ❤ Q1: The difference between the basic models and fight wood where? A1: The fight for wood is made of beech and walnut, which is a very difficult carpentry technique. After our meticulous splicing, the entire pet table is more textured. The basic section is made of pine solid wood, pine is characterized by strong contrast with the color of the lines appear, so it looks super beautiful, many people prefer pine Oh. Q2: What is the height of my dog? A1: We now have a total table height of 21 cm with a bowl, suitable for (most of) Shiba Inu, Meeks and other medium dogs, we have the actual shooting lunch, a proper demonstration and demonstration of error, for everyone to be a reference Oh. If your dog belongs to a small or large dog, please discuss with us the most suitable height! PS: The height of each dog and cat, even if the species is the same, the height will be a little different. The best height measurement method: pet four feet standing, the height of the ground to the armpit is the applicable height Small dogs for height (most) about 15-16cm (VIP, Schnauzer, sausage, etc.) Medium dogs for height (most) about 21-23cm (Shiba Inu, Meeks, the border, etc.) Large dogs for height (most) about 29-33cm (Shiqi, Golden Retriever, Labrador, etc.) Q3: How much do I have to add if my dining table gets taller? A1: Our table can be increased by 2 centimeters for free, and every additional 3 centimeters thereafter is subject to an additional 150 yuan. 【Wood Material】 Pine wood 【Dimensions】 (Hand-made, the error range plus or minus 0.5cm) Table size: about 38.3cmx width 18cmx height of about 17cm France imported tempered glass bowl size about: diameter 14.8cm x high 5.5cm 【Applicable pets】 Suitable for medium-sized dogs (such as Shiba Inu, medium-sized Meeks, border ... etc.) If you are a small dog or a large dog, please contact us to discuss the size and then order Oh! 【Cleaning and Maintenance】 1. Please put in the shade, so as not to distort the table. 2. If stained with dirt, please wipe the wet rag wipe, then wipe with a dry cloth. 【Precautions】 1. Wood has its own special texture, so the color and texture of each product are different. 2. Computer display may have color to the actual product-based. 【Origin】 Taiwan, handmade


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