MAZDA vegetable tanned leather bronzing key cover/CX5/CX30/Mazda3

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หนังแท้ ที่ห้อยกุญแจ - MAZDA vegetable tanned leather bronzing key cover/CX5/CX30/Mazda3


📍Does not provide hot stamping services for numbers and symbols, if you need special hot stamping, please send a message to discuss with the designer 📍Any key plus a leather case will take a period of time to soften after use because of the extra thickness before it can be used more smoothly. __order process__ 💁🏻Leather cases will only be made after the order is placed.__will be shipped within 10 days from the day after the order, excluding__, and the time is acceptable before placing an order. The product is made through wet molding, and it takes about 2-4 days to dry in the shade. The surface condition of the leather may not be obvious when it is flat, but after the molding becomes three-dimensional, the flaws may be enlarged. If there are too many defects on the leather surface, we will contact you. It will be eliminated and remade. Handmade products are time-consuming and labor-intensive, please wait patiently. 💁🏻__send a photo of the key for__before placing an order__, the same model may vary depending on the year or the owner's optional specifications. If the photo is not sent for verification and the order is wrong, please do not force your own key into the product when you receive it. If it is deformed or damaged, the product will not be returned or exchanged. **1. choose leather color** Genuine leather is easy to have color difference, if you mind, please do not order special colors, you can choose dark colors. Whiskey/ Retro Coffee/ Winery Red/ Forest Green/ Evening Green/ Mist Green/ Indigo Blue/ Navy Blue/ Extreme Black __(whiskey)__: Honey color, it will gradually turn brown after a long time of use, light color is easy to get dirty and has more obvious production marks, and the grain on the leather is also more obvious, suitable for you who have a fresh style and want to enjoy the process of skin care. __coffee (brown)__: If you are hesitant, the retro coffee is the best choice. __Red (red)__: Passionate red with hot gold is very luxurious and high-profile, suitable for lively and outgoing you. __Green (green)__: It is suitable for you who love nature, like a quiet life, and yearn for peace. It is easy to have color difference. __green____There are many leather-faced insect classes, and the quietness is suitable for you who are low-key and a little mysterious. __cyan (dark cyan)__: Special blue-green, prone to chromatic aberration. It is a cyan color that is very suitable for both men and women. It has a gray texture and will definitely become the most eye-catching accessory in the crowd. __(blue)__: The color of the soul, from the ocean to the sky, it is a blue with high saturation. __(navy)__: With a calm and free sense of calm, the elegant navy blue is suitable for you who yearn for peace. __Black (black)__: A low-key and unmistakable color, versatile, durable and not afraid of getting dirty, the slightly embellished bronzing effect is just the finishing touch. **2. Choose hot stamping color** Colorless/gold/silver/black (unified as gold if not specified) **3. Remark the bronzing content in the order remarks column** Hot stamping is hot stamping through movable type molds, English can be spelled freely, and Chinese is fixed in Chinese fonts. __We do not provide the service of hot stamping numbers, please ask the designer first for the feasibility of mixing hot stamping__ The height of uppercase letters is 4mm, the height of lowercase letters is 3mm, and a maximum of 16 letters (including spaces) can be hot stamped __Hot stamping Chinese as follows:__ There are at most 8 fonts for Chinese hot stamping. Because Chinese fonts are more complicated, it is recommended to choose colorless stamping for better effect. **Packaging information** **Vegetable Tanned Leather and Custom Made Notes** 1. Because it is difficult for the hot stamping machine to heat each font very evenly, too many fonts are too long, and the fonts are all capital letters, etc., it is easy to cause the gold foil to fall off. This kind of situation is unavoidable. If you mind, please think twice about the content you want to print. 2. Hot stamping plus purchase products only include the price of one line of hot stamping, and cannot be reversed or multi-line hot stamped. 3. The production of this product will start after the order is placed, and there will be different working days depending on the size and quantity of the object. Generally speaking, it will be sent within 10 days excluding holidays. 4. The leather itself has a natural texture, and there will be different marks due to the growth period of the cow, such as scars, mosquito bites, etc., and those who are acceptable will be placed before ordering. 5. The photos of the product are all taken in actuality, but there will be color difference due to the computer screen and light, and the color is mainly based on the actual product. 6. Handmade products will inevitably have handmade traces, and cannot be as perfect as factory-made products. Please do not bid if you want perfection, thank you.


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MAZDA vegetable tanned leather bronzing key cover CX5/CX30/Mazda3 Additional purchase lettering hot stamping


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