International Artist-Piping Grey/Black

แปลอัตโนมัติ (ภาษาเดิม: จีน-ตัวเต็ม)
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1 - 3 วันที่ผ่านมา
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มากกว่า 7 วัน
ผ้าฝ้าย/ผ้าลินิน เสื้อยืดผู้ชาย สีเทา - International Artist-Piping Grey/Black


[Free shipping in Taiwan with orders over $1500 in ViewFinder Design Gallery] Although you are not an international artist, you can wear it. [About the artist] Currently barely Comics that look as ugly as you, looking forward to creating the highest level of black humor. Now operates Baise Art Space in Taoyuan. [About ViewFinder] Find a T-shirt with the same self-awareness ViewFinder = the camera's viewfinder Through the viewing window, the vision becomes more focused, and you can see the good things that are really worth noting. Believe it, if there is something that can keep you going, it must be very meaningful; whether it’s artistic creation, independent music, cultural environment, social issues, we should pay attention to and care, in fact, there are many, many, embrace these concepts, Thoughts and conflicts have brought together people who have never met before. We want to be a beginning. From a picture and a T-shirt, we see a story, a point of view, a manifestation of a will, and the artist’s continuous focus and enthusiasm. We strive to give more value to the T-shirt and let ViewFinder is slightly different from T-shirts on the market. 【Product Information】 The T-shirt is made of American pure cotton fabric. After high-temperature steam washing, removing short fiber impurities and other complicated processes, it can prevent shrinkage and make the hand feel more comfortable. Under normal washing and wearing, the neckline and body will not be deformed or loose. The image is printed by digital inkjet, and environmentally friendly ink is used in an all-round way. Because of the increased color fastness, the treatment agent is weakly acidic. Some slight odors are normal, and it can be eliminated as long as it is washed in water or placed in a ventilated place for one day. ViewFinder T-shirts are exclusively customized. After detailed quality inspection and packaging, they will be shipped within 5-14 working days (excluding six days). If some products are in stock, they will be marked on the product specifications. Spot products will take 2 working days. (Excluding six days) Shipment; if a single order contains both customized and spot products, they will be shipped together when the customized products arrive. 【Size, Specification, Size】 ► Neutral Adult-Straight, waistless version (unit: cm) XS: Shoulder width 38 / Chest width 43 / Clothing length 63 / Sleeve length 19 / Recommended weight below 50kg S: Shoulder width 41 / Chest width 46 / Clothes length 66 / Sleeve length 19 / Recommended weight 50-60kg M: Shoulder width 44 / Chest width 49 / Clothing length 69 / Sleeve length 21 / Recommended weight 60-70kg L: Shoulder width 47 / Chest width 52 / Clothes length 72 / Sleeve length 21 / Recommended weight 70-80kg XL: Shoulder width 50 / Chest width 55 / Clothing length 74 / Sleeve length 22 / Recommended weight 80-90kg 2XL: Shoulder width 53 / Chest width 57 / Clothes length 76 / Sleeve length 22 / Recommended weight 90kg-100kg 3XL: Shoulder width 54 / Chest width 58 / Clothes length 79 / Sleeve length 22 / Recommended weight above 100kg ► Ladies for women-micro-waist version (unit: cm) S: Shoulder width 32 / Chest width 39 / Garment length 59 / Sleeve length 14 / Recommended weight below 45kg M: Shoulder width 35 / Chest width 42 / Length 61 / Sleeve length 14 / Recommended weight 45-48kg L: Shoulder width 36 / Chest width 45 / Clothes length 64 / Sleeve length 16 / Recommended weight 48-50kg XL: Shoulder width 38 / Chest width 48 / Clothes length 66 / Sleeve length 17 / Recommended weight 50kg or more ► Children's Youth-Unit (Unit: cm) Children 110: Shoulder Width 27 / Chest Width 32 / Dress Length 44 / Sleeve Length 11.5 Children 120: Shoulder width 31 / Chest width 35 / Clothing length 47 / Sleeve length 12 Children 130: Shoulder width 33 / Chest width 37 / Clothing length 50 / Sleeve length 12.5 Children 140: Shoulder width 35 / Chest width 40 / Clothing length 53 / Sleeve length 14 Children 150: Shoulder Width 36 / Chest Width 42 / Dress Length 57 / Sleeve Length 14.5 The neutral version is a waistless version, and the female version is a waist slim version. Due to the fabric elasticity, the error value is within the normal range of plus or minus 2cm, which is not a defect. Origin/manufacturing method Taiwan design & printing / can be customized


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[Free shipping in Taiwan with orders over $1500 in ViewFinder Design Gallery]


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