Silk indigo plant tie-dye (snow flower) stall with pouch

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Silk indigo plant tie-dye (snow flower) stall with pouch


There only she is standing, fantastic flower so that ...... bloomed like in the snow from somewhere clear wind been blowing. Such quaint, very cool stall, was dyed in a lot of indigo. One, just roll casually, tie-dye stall of indigo, in the day-to-day our busy, will remind the roots of Japanese culture. Pattern of the draw was arranged a traditional Japanese tie-dye, it is the original pattern of atk. Hana several bloom, has a slightly different pattern in the left and right. The material is high-quality silk 100% Kyoto staining specialty store is wholesale to department stores. Have been woven lifting pattern such as white leaves, smooth texture, which was cool, you can use it very comfortably. Me to a cool feeling to the people around us, very friendly this stall to your skin, UV protection and, it is also recommended to the cooling measures. With a pouch which has been subjected to needlework, it will deliver ♪ 100% of the natural dye plants, always take out a stable color, but be fixing you very difficult, since it atk is looking to eco-friendly living and the people, for all of the natural dyes to be handled, without as much as possible metallic mordant, we are committed to taking out the original beautiful color plant. Also it is sensitive skin, certainly once, please try! 100% natural plant dye, because it is hand-dyed one by one, also seeing in this color, only at this time. Is only one piece of the stall in the world. Ai is the insect repellent, antibacterial effect, heat insulation, heat dissipation effect, deodorizing effect, UV-cut effect, such as an anti-allergic effect, a number of phytochemicals medicinal plants that are included (plant chemicals) are. Silk thermal insulation, heat dissipation effect, ultraviolet cut effect, antibacterial effect, deodorizing effect, flame-retardant, skin cell activity effects, such as skin diseases improvement effect, is an excellent fiber that have been published many studies. ___________________________________________ \ Material: silk (silk) 100% Dye: India indigo Size: about 33cm × 157cm Weight: 40g Origin / production method Origin: Japan / handmade, hand-dyed _______________________________________ When exposed to light of the sun, it shines white weave float of the earth pattern. Because the silk, not bulky. Wound flipping, please put it in the bag at any time. ※ all in one person, one by one, carefully and hand-dyed, and Otsukuri. For handmade work, unlike the off-the-shelf, some of unevenness and of width, the form of distortion, grain is a little distorted, be such as color unevenness, there is a thing occur. ※ The size will be approximate dimensions. ◇ gift I will receive you at +100 yen. Please in the message.


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