[Gorilla] Super labor-saving double ratchet wrench socket screwdriver wooden box set Made in Taiwan

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After more than a year of preparation, Gorilla X Carpenter Carpenter Brothers and Sisters Carpenter's Workshop collaborated for the first time to create a good tool belonging to Taiwan.



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[Gorilla] Super labor-saving double ratchet wrench socket screwdriver wooden box set Made in Taiwan


**After more than a year of preparation, Gorilla X Carpenter Carpenter Brothers and Sisters Carpenter's Workshop collaborated for the first time to create a good tool belonging to Taiwan.** **Produced by Taiwan's top factories, surpassing European and American quality hand tools! A great tool you must not miss!** **Advocating the ultimate design of aesthetics** **Wooden style gentleman texture** Gorilla aims at the color and appearance of the tool, based on the excellent function and the textured appearance. The excellent appearance design of the Gorilla tool will make you find your tools on the table or when using Unique taste. **Taiwan pride for cross-border cooperation** The perfect tool is not just placed casually. With the perfect toolbox, the overall texture of the tool is added. For the first time, Gorilla's tools cooperate with the carpenter's brother and sister carpenter's room to match the unique good tools. **Top dual handle design** The dual-handle design that allows you to use more conveniently (mini wrench corresponds to a screwdriver head, wrench corresponds to a socket), up to 80Nm can withstand torque, can withstand long-term use and is not easy to damage. **Top steel chrome vanadium alloy steel** **Selected top chrome vanadium tool steel from China Steel in Taiwan** This double wrench adopts Taiwan Sinosteel's top chrome vanadium steel. The material hardness is the best choice for hand tools. In addition, the top heat treatment technology can withstand a torque of up to 80Nm (820kgh / cm), 1.3 times the German DIN standard. Generally speaking, Chinese steel is comparable. The test of durability! **Surface anti-rust chrome** This tool set's wrenches, sockets and screwdriver heads are rust-proof and chrome-plated, which is not only beautiful, but also less rusty and more durable. **Top beech toolbox** Carpenter brother and sister carpenter room Each ratchet wrench tool box is handmade from beech solid wood, so the wood depth and texture will be slightly different. The FSC-certified permanent forest farm logs are designed and manufactured in Taiwan. Feels warm and sturdy, and meets the requirements of caring for the natural environment. **Top S2 material screwdriver head** Gorilla uses medium-grade silicon steel tool steel (S2), the highest grade of screwdriver head, to exert its abrasion resistance. The hardness of HRC is as high as 59 or more. The chrome-plated surface can enhance the anti-rust effect. **Adopting top hand tool manufacturing technology** **Taiwan's top wrench production technology** Gorilla's super-saving ratchet wrench is Taiwan's top factory with more than 25 years of experience in making wrenches. It is made of heat treatment technology, precision forging technology and grinding technology that are exported to Europe and the United States. It is 100% made in Taiwan. Both quality and durability are European and American. Excellent hand tool grade. This time, Gorilla is made with more quality than European and American hand tools. It is to give you the best hand tools. **Special precision ratcheting technology** Precision ratcheting technology makes ratchet wrenches more durable and smooth. **New ultra-thin ratchet wrench** **Advanced ratchet wrench head design** The design of the ultra-thin ratchet wrench head less than one centimeter allows you to work more smoothly in a small space, but even if the head is thinner, the torque can still withstand up to 80Nm due to the advancement of manufacturing technology. The wrench industry's highest standard, 1.3 times the German DIN standard, makes the wrench more durable. **Streamlined design** Gorilla's two-point ratchet wrench and two-point mini ratchet wrench are both streamlined and made with the most advanced technology, which not only has a beautiful appearance but also more artificial use. **Special Design** **Quick switching device** The quick switching device located on the neck is locked in to the left and bolted in to the right. After setting, you can easily lock or bolt the screws by swinging the wrench to the left or right, making you more aspect. **Serviceable precision ratchet function** Generally, some ratchet wrenches on the market cannot be repaired after being damaged due to improper use, which are disposable tools. Gorilla's wrench uses a repairable precision ratchet design. Whether it is a 72-tooth 2-point mini ratchet wrench or a 108-tooth 2-point ratchet wrench, if it is damaged due to improper use, it can be repaired through repair. **Quick release design of ratchet wrench sleeve** **Easy replacement at the push of a button** There is a quick release button on the back of the head of the 2-point ratchet wrench. You can quickly change the sleeve as long as you press it. When the button is released, the sleeve can be tightly locked to prevent loosening. **2 points = 1/4 inch sleeve size, suitable for home professional** The socket and wrench of this tool set use 1/4 inch or 2 points adapter, which conforms to international tool standards. The 2-point sockets on the market can be used universally. **Screwdriver head and sleeve specifications** **S2 material tool steel super wear-resistant screwdriver head 25pcs** [Cross] No. [Rice character] No. [Single word] 3, 4, 5, 6mm [Inner hexagon] 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6mm [Star shape] 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40 [Hexagonal bottom to 2 points sleeve adapter] **Top chrome vanadium alloy steel toothed sleeve 9pcs** Sleeve specifications are 5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13mm, suitable for 3, 4, 6, 6, 12 star and partly worn nuts and bolts. **First dual ratchet wrench combination** **More usage of the two modes** Different from the common ratchet wrench combination in the market, it will only give you one wrench and attach multiple adapters. Gorilla provides you with a more convenient option. An extra mini ratchet wrench is provided so that you do not have to replace the adapter all the time. The perfect combination allows you to cope with various needs in life. **Sturdy wooden box toolbox storage** Generally, the combination on the market is not easy to store and easy to lose because the tool box is a fragile plastic material or a single plastic strip. Using a wooden box for storage is not only beautiful but also easier to store. **Improved toothed sleeve design** **Versatile and durable, just to give you the best sleeve** Generally speaking, common sleeves have hexagons and 12 corners, but Gorilla uses the latest modified toothed sleeves. Not only can it be used in more shapes of nuts, because the internal shape of the toothed sleeves is rounded. Make the sleeve more durable. **The most direct warranty from the original factory** Gorilla uses the original direct sales method without worrying about the risk of damage when purchasing high-quality hand tools. If there is any damage within three years of normal use, send it to the company or send it back to the company, you can enjoy free repair services, allowing you to Can easily receive the most attentive original service. **Perfect compatibility** Extra Hex to 2-point socket connector One more intimate is to give you a better experience with Gorilla labor-saving screwdrivers. This toolbox combines additional adapters that allow you to directly use Gorilla's labor-saving ratchet screwdrivers. With the sleeve of the tool set, the perfect correspondence allows you to have more applications for your screwdriver. **Compatible screwdriver head** The screwdriver head of this tool set is compatible with Gorilla energy-saving ratchet screwdrivers, but because of the chrome-plated surface and the small front end of some screwdriver heads, when using Gorilla energy-saving ratchet screwdrivers, it may not be possible to replace them with only fingers due to lack of strength. Need to use needle-nose pliers. https://youtu.be/l1GSMcovd6Y


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