Asahikawa Craft Tanno Manufactory Tie pins of precious wood cuttings

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Asahikawa Craft Tanno Manufactory Tie pins of precious wood cuttings

รายละเอียดสินค้า **Tanno Manufactory / Tie pins of precious wood cuttings** __A wooden tie pin that is unique but familiar to you.__ Even in the business scene, even though casual wear has penetrated, office workers still have a lot of suits to wear. Even if you want to wear a plain suit and make it stylish that is different from others, you will definitely avoid designing with strong personality because it is a work wear. I would definitely like to recommend "precious wood scrap tie pins" to such people. It produces elegant individuality, although it is by no means flashy. This fashionable tie pin was created by "Tanno Seisakujo," who has a studio in Asahikawa, a famous furniture town. Representative Masakage Tanno creates each piece carefully by himself. As a result, we are unable to produce large quantities, but the lineup that uses natural trees is "one-of-a-kind," with all the differences in grain and hue. __Techniques and ideas of craftsmen who make use of important materials.__ Asahikawa produces a large amount of scraps every day due to its land condition. However, they are all originally materials called "precious wood." If you throw it away, it will be garbage, but by carefully processing it, it will become such a beautiful fashion accessory. However, since it is a small product, high technology is required for processing. It is also a show of craftsmen's skill to put together the luxury feeling so that it doesn't look like scraps. This series also comes with a cuff button, so I recommend it as a birthday, father's day, or wedding anniversary gift. __Tie pins in business are a must for manners.__ It's a tie pin that tends to be thought of as "Don't worry if you don't" or "Just decoration", but when you don't wear a jacket, it's regarded as manners to fasten it with a pin. Certainly, a tie that swings flutteringly every time it moves is not so nice. In addition, it is important to have a tie pin that can be fastened so that the tie does not get dirty when eating or washing the hands. Incidentally, the clip is the most user-friendly "crocodile style." Its characteristic is that it corresponds to the thickness of various ties and it is hard to fall off. __The gentleness and presence of solid wood created by the craftsmanship.__ This colorful tie pin is not colored at all, and the original color of the tree is used as it is. From the left, the material is "oak" with a matte shade of familiarity, "Walnut" with a deep brown, "Japanese Maple" with a clean white skin, and "Cherry blossom tree" with a reddish shade of 4 tree species. It has a variety of personalities, from color and hand texture to fragrance. We also painted with oil that leaves the texture of the wood intact so as not to undermine the quality of the material. __The natural brown that makes use of the original color of the tree is elegant.__ Between busy tasks, you'll find a gentle grain when you look at your tie. Even though it's such a tiny item, it's a natural dignity unique to real materials that you even feel the breath of nature. Also, even during business negotiations, you will always see the other party's accessories. At such times, this tie-pins will also contribute to the creation of topics. A stylish item with plenty of playfulness, of course, even in private. The metal fittings are calm silver and look good on any person regardless of age. --------------------------------------------------- **< Wood >** __Oak__ The vigorous texture highlights the unique presence. In addition, the unique fiber structure of oak sometimes displays a silver "tiger stripes" texture similar to the stripes on the tiger's back, and you can enjoy the rich and unique wood grain. __Walnut__ It grows in the cold environment over a long period of time, and the material is hard and tough. Light weight and easy to process. From the sapwood to the heartwood, light to deep color gradually depicts a beautiful appearance. __Japanese Maple__ It is dense and tough, and is widely used because of its light color. In the old days, it is often used for small sheaths, and recently for the action part of pianos. It is also famous for maple syrup boiled by sap. __Cherry blossom tree__ The national flower of Japan, Sakura has long been referred to as Cherry blossom tree. It is heavy hard and has excellent workability. It is used for high quality furniture and sculptures. Also features a unique scent. --------------------------------------------------- **< Paint >** __Oil__ A coating that penetrates to inside and remains the ventilation of the wood. Since the unevenness of the grain is still clear, the coating can keep the most naturalist state of wood.However, it is less resistant to water stains than urethane coating. As it is coated by brush, anyone can do maintainance easily. --------------------------------------------------- **< Brand >** Tanno Seisakujo __A beautiful shape that inherited the kindness and severity of nature.__ There is Tanno Manufactory behind the Asahiyama Zoo. The interior of the workshop has been cleanly arranged, and even one piece of wood scraps has not fallen. Its tidy appearance is clearly shown in the work, and it is important to use it up without wasting materials, and so that it can be used for longer time, it is also repaired when it breaks.Cherish trees may be a matter of course for the Woodworking family, but I have a strong impression of how they dare to speak. --------------------------------------------------- **< Support >** __Put thanks and celebrations feelings on wrapping.__ A custom that expresses a modest feeling of the Japanese, "shape" is continuing from ancient times, "Packaging". In our shop, we prepare many wrapping paper, ribbons, message cards and palm doces, so that we can accommodate various scenes of our customers. How about feeling of gratitude and celebration with a doce gift? I will receive it with original heart wrapping. If you need message card please order the wrapping , then the message card service will be free. __¥100/1piece__ ▼ Buy from here --------------------------------------------------- **< Spec >** __Size__ W50×D11×H24mm __Weight__ About6g __Material__ Oak/Walnut/Japanese Maple/Japanese Cherry __Paint__ Oil __Brand__ Tanno Manufactory


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Tanno Masakage
A wooden tie pin that is unique but familiar to you. ※Purchasing is deemed that the product description has been read and agreed. ※Payable by the general in charge of customs duties.


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Tanno Seisakujo