MIYAWO IH series temperature-resistant clay soup pot 1.1, 2.2, 3L, send hot mom recipe book

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◆IH full function, suitable for all kinds of stoves ◆Glass glaze conducts heat quickly and evenly ◆Infrared function effectively retains food nutrition ◆The water absorption rate is below 0.5%, and the odor does not remain ◆The temperature difference is above 500℃, and the quality is excellent ◆Sold simultaneously with Japan



MIYAWO IH series temperature-resistant clay soup pot 1.1, 2.2, 3L, send hot mom recipe book


https://youtu.be/sajipdk3zq4 https://youtu.be/R6WQfzFZPpY https://youtu.be/4p4Jr7PLe3U https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51155782070_a8b7228d41_o.jpg MIYAWO Japan Miyao IH Series No. 6.5 Temperature Difference Pottery Clay Pot 1.1L-Classic Daisy (Induction Cooker Available) MI-BD-THM23610 The No. 1 Brand of Japanese Clay Pot-MIYAWO THERMATECⓇ- MIYAWO clay pot was established in 1930. It is a manufacturer of high-end ceramics with a long history. It was awarded the "Made in Japan Award" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan and was praised as "one of the 300 companies that support tomorrow's healthy products made in Japan." ◆Glass glazed surface Fast and uniform heat conduction, slow heat dissipation, good heat gathering effect, and energy saving. ◆Infrared function The far-infrared emission rate of MIYAWO clay pots is greater than 90%, which is higher than the 20% emission rate of common commercially available clay pots. Infrared rays can decompose the enzyme β──amylase in food, which generates bubbles when heated, effectively decomposes carbon compounds, proteins, fats, and minerals in food, and maintains the original flavor and nutrition of food. ◆No residual smell The water absorption rate is less than 0.5%, and the odor of the food material is not left, and it is easy to clean. Generally, the water absorption rate of the commercially available clay pot is 3-5%. The pores will absorb the taste of the food material. If it is not used for a long time, it is easy to breed bacteria and mold. ◆Temperature resistance above 500℃ The temperature difference between hot and cold can reach more than 500℃, and it can be directly heated from the refrigerator, and the quality is safe. Generally, the temperature difference of commercially available clay pots is only about 200℃, which is easier to burst. ◆IH full function Suitable for all kinds of stoves: IH stove, induction stove, electric stove, gas stove, black crystal stove, far-infrared stove, electric ceramic stove, water wave stove, oven, electric cooker, etc. It is also suitable for dishwashers and dish dryers. ◆Sold simultaneously with Japan *Precautions ◆Please check whether the product is cracked or damaged for the first time. If there is any abnormality, please do not use it. ◆When the food is boiling, please adjust the heat to medium and low heat. ◆The temperature of the pot is high after heating, please use heat-resistant gloves to avoid burns. ◆It is forbidden to cook in empty space. Deep-fried food or barbecue is not recommended. ◆Please wash it immediately after use, and place it in a dry and ventilated place. ◆If there is burnt black material, please soak it in hot water and then wash it. ◆Do not store food or water in the pot. ◆If there is rainbow phenomenon in the pot, it is the phenomenon of mineral oxidation in the clay, which will not affect the use. Product specifications ◆Material: high heat-resistant ceramics (pot body), hard ceramics (pot cover) ◆Size: Diameter 21.2 x Height 11.2cm ◆Capacity: 1.1L ◆Weight: 1.1kg ◆Place of Origin: Malaysia ◆Material: high heat-resistant ceramics (pot body), hard ceramics (pot cover) ◆Size: diameter 24.8 x height 14cm ◆Capacity: 2.2L ◆Weight: 1.8kg ◆Place of Origin: Malaysia ◆Material: high heat-resistant ceramics (pot body), hard ceramics (pot cover) ◆Size: Diameter 27.5 x Height 16.4cm ◆Capacity: 3L ◆Weight: 2.2kg ◆Place of Origin: Malaysia


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