Summer clear sky-blue hair clip brooch dual purpose

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Atelier Llewellyn
Atelier Llewellyn
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Summer clear sky-blue hair clip brooch dual purpose


The jewelry series originated from the jewelry that the brand designer had obtained in the antique market during the schooling in the UK. The feather inspired the designer to be retro. It reminds of the daily life aesthetics of the nobles in the medieval century and the beauty of fairy tales. . Based on this design, combined with the designer's fashion design background, he said that the period of studying in a foreign country was imprinted in his heart, hoping to become an eternal space. This also allows the public to understand that in addition to clothing, accessories can best embellish the small objects that reflect personal taste. Whether it is daily wear or important occasions such as special occasions, how to use jewelry to show unique personal style. Come to tell you! !! Are there any special memories about time that you want to stay forever or memorable forever? Open Time Memory Box-Summer Sky Summer Sky The "real summer" in the UK is very short. It lasts for about two weeks from the end of May to the beginning of June. The two weeks can feel the clear cloudless sky and the hot sun. Most British people cherish the wonderful summer of these two weeks Time spent a series of outdoor activities, missed the blue sky and white clouds that will miss these two weeks. Product information: Material: mink fur ball / natural feather / metal (silver) Total length about 15.5 cm / width about 10.5 cm (positive and negative values about 0.5-1 cm) This model is for both brooch / hairpin. For the long pin type, please link: Notes on buying jewelry: 1. Can be shipped in time when there is stock in stock, please contact the designer before ordering if there is stock. 2. The urgent order customization requirements are not accepted. The customized products are hand-made by the designer. If you cannot wait, please do not place an order, or you can purchase it at the studio's physical sales store. 3. Due to the difference in light, the color is more or less the same as the actual product. The photos have been adjusted close to the actual product color. If you are worried about the color difference, you can purchase it at the studio's physical sales store. 4. All feather and fur ball materials of the accessories are obtained from legitimate and legal channels. 5. The studio does not use a unified invoice and will provide a purchase receipt. After sale: 1. Based on hygiene principles, all accessories (earrings, pins, hats, pins, headwear) will not be returned or exchanged. All custom-sized products will not be returned or exchanged. 2. Handmade feather jewelry are natural feathers. The growth shape and size of each feather cannot be compared with synthetic materials such as machine production, and there are more or less minor flaws that do not affect wear. Full feather. There are also slight differences in shape, angle, and size of the same styles of jewelry made by hand. If you are particularly concerned, please do not buy it. 3. The climate in Taiwan is humid. It is normal for the metal surface of the jewelry to oxidize and blacken or rust due to time. We will check it before selling it. If you really care about it, please do not buy it or visit the studio physical store to select. For daily maintenance and storage methods of metal jewelry / parts, please refer to: 4. Feather jewelry is recommended to be stored in a zipper bag when it is not worn on weekdays to prevent metal parts from being oxidized or rusted in the air, and stored separately in the box to avoid deformation. If you cannot accept the above, please do not order. Jewelry repair: Jewelry repairs are subject to a maintenance fee. Please provide photos to estimate the repair costs. If the damage is too high or no materials are available, no repairs can be provided. The return shipping fee must be absorbed by yourself or visit the studio in person. * The content of the above website is from


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Material: mink fur ball / natural feather / metal (silver) Total length about 15.5 cm / width about 10.5 cm (positive and negative values about 0.5-1 cm) This is a dual purpose brooch / hairpin


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