Black and white horse - leather clutch (Minerva X Lv Zhiwen)

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minervac เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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Black and white horse - leather clutch (Minerva X Lv Zhiwen)


Design / black and white horse
Black and white in strong contrast,
Minervac adapted from the classic carousel scarves,
Let colorful simplicity into the world.
(Hand-painted watercolor artists Lv Zhiwen, the ultimate show the beauty of pigment and water staggered render it)

Lv Zhiwen (Aer Lu), then:
Fairy tale is a post I created the theme,
He cultures with different national conditions, history and the people in it.
But also because different people bring to rewrite fairy tales today,
And changed a lot of people. Fairy tale dream go, I go with fashion elements,
Different story writing process and the outcome is like dreaming in general,
I can go to adapt according to their own fantasies or play a dirty trick, but also because of this own to meet.

[Distinguished you would like to put this card Mintz warrants that the work done by the artist and Minerva]

product description/
Now people advocating breaking Sheli concept, Minerva Clutch for the minimalist style design,
You only need to carry out so that important items, important documents + phone + a few credit cards and some cash.
Show your unique personal style and taste, as well as the support and enthusiasm for the arts.



Positive picture details

Logo exquisite leather interior (thickness of the leather can protect the phone)

5.5-inch phone storage (schematic him money)

Easy storage can be three cards (schematic him money)

All the above items into no problem (he shall schematic diagram)

Refined products Kuka

Artists Lv Zhiwen, then (the truth)

Product description Card

(Exquisite gift box)

(Mind full of exquisite gift)

(Other artists commodities more)

* Full leather
* Weight of about 108 g
Length * width 21 x 14
* Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan

Leather care instructions:
1. General care wipe with a clean cotton cloth back surface dust, oil stained with micro leather care wipe, to complete routine maintenance. Like the first layer of the dermis of human skin
, Usually maintained properly, time is presented in the United States leather texture, leather softness.

2. decontamination - if not carefully deep leather catching pollution, pollution need drying, using an oil-containing cleaning leather care carefully wipe effect.

3. maintenance of oil use - first use leather care oil, please do leather obvious at sensitive test a small area, making no confirmation
A surface discoloration before normal use.

4. dermal touches the water - Do not use a hair dryer or a dryer to dry to avoid deformation or deterioration of leather, with a clean white cotton cloth to the water-soaked leather surface blotted dry, placed in ventilated dry naturally, and then wipe the oil maintenance uniform wiping a clean cotton cloth.

The leather treatment mildew - a semi-wet white cotton cloth, wipe clean mildew, then dry naturally ventilated place, and finally wiped with a leather care oil leather surface uniformly.

6. leather housing - if not using leather, please do cleaning and maintenance in general, and then into the boot and comes exclusive storage box, and placed in a packet of desiccant, and finally placed in a storage box without direct sunlight and airy storage space.
Origin / manufacturing methods
Origin / manufacturing methods


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