December, enjoy life, Feng, roaming, moss planting

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Restart the well-received moss ball planting experience, and adjust the plant content according to the season, there will be a variety of changes, more self-style!
ไต้หวัน / Taipei City
台北市中正區襄陽路 1 號 6 樓
ก่อนเริ่มเวิร์คช็อป 15 นาที
2 ชั่วโมง
12 ปีขึ้นไป
  • ถูกชม 19,269 ครั้ง
  • จำหน่ายไปแล้ว 128 ชิ้น
  • มี 701 คนถูกใจ



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December, enjoy life, Feng, roaming, moss planting


Stepping into the fall and winter, the cold and hot temperatures require a warm hand to soothe the soul. Through the temperature of the hand, open the sensory journey of the self, close to the distance from the heart. Continuing last summer**Pinkoi School of Fine Arts**summer away plan, we restarted the highly acclaimed moss ball planting experience activities, in the overall teaching, adjusted the plant content presented, will have a variety of according to the season Change, make the finished product more complete and more self-style. Invite you to hang on to a healing plant, and you didn't sign up for the last time, creating a beautiful view of your heart. **Pinkoi Product Academy**Invite**Enjoy Life**In this experience, create a unique healing plant with you and feel the touch and joy of the moss ball growing with you. **Spring day outing moss ball planting charm** In the spring, it is very suitable for mountain climbing. The scenery on the mountainside will always have a scene that you usually don't notice. We use the moss ball to create a hill that belongs to us. It creates a sprout in spring, which is very suitable for exploring the mossy path covered by green oil. Enjoy the breath of nature together in a day. **Pinkoi product school cooperation brand | enjoy life Feng** With the creative concept of “Looking for fun from life and enjoying life from fun”, discover the small and interesting things in life and integrate them into the creation. When you taste it carefully, you will find interesting pictures that may be hidden in your works. At this time you have begun to enjoy life. We share stories about you and my life through the work and continue to record the story. **Pinkoi Product School Activity Venue | Pinkoi Space** The product school has created a new field for the event, so that the friends can form their own memories together with the designers in the dream atmosphere of Pinkoi. **Pinkoi Product School Refreshment Brand|LOOK IT & BADLIP** "瞧!克力" is a Taiwanese chocolate brand that emphasizes the sense of design. With more than ten years of experience in the pastry industry, it uses food printing technology to create the creative and diverse chocolate, and to provide the most professional creative chocolate. The customized chocolate service allows you and I to find exclusive gifts. ▶ Event Information ·date: . 2019/11/9 (six) 13:00-15:00 . 2019/12/21 (six) 13:00-15:00 ・Number of people: 25 people / field ・Including: experience activities, moss ball planting materials, parrot random, hemp rope, wooden ball, a refreshment ・Location: 6/F, 1 Yuyang Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City ・Transportation: Take the MRT to Exit 4 of Taida Hospital Station and walk for 1 minute. ▶ Ticketing instructions ・Ticket description . Single ticket NT$ 980 . 10% off for doubles (one person NT$ 882) . 10-person group ticket (free for 10 people and 1 person free) (one person NT$ 794) ・Ticket description . For groups of up to 10 people, please click on "Single Ticket" and adjust the "Quantity" to be purchased. The system will automatically calculate 10% off for doubles. . For groups of 10 people, please click on the "10-person group ticket" to enjoy 10 people and 1 person for free. . For groups of 10 or more people, please click on "Contact Designer" and we will open another order page. **・After the successful purchase, you will receive an electronic ticket notice and will not send the physical ticket. On the day of the event, please present the e-ticket after the registration to enter the venue.**





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