Fragrance Stone– Fresh White丨Home Office Diffuser丨3 scents available丨Lemon Verbena

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say thing good
say thing good
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Fragrance Stone– Fresh White丨Home Office Diffuser丨3 scents available丨Lemon Verbena - น้ำหอม - หิน ขาว


**【Fragrance Stone】** Highly recommended home gifts Yoga time alone Study room when working from home Any scent field that wants a low-key atmosphere. All fields fresh scent charming in any space No need to light a fire, no need to care about him, no need to make any arrangements As long as he is left quietly, he will work independently Fragrance Stone large jar set decoration diffuser kills two birds with one stone The black volcanic lava quietly whispers sensory stories The pores of the rough mineral exude a delicate style Smell is a silent word, it is a personal interpretation of self-talk. It is also a social card that conveys impressions. Communication through the sense of smell makes life completely different. **flavor of WHITE ** ○**① Lemon Verbena﹙Lemon Verbena﹚** ﹝The unique freshness of leaving the hustle and bustle of the city and packing the vitality into your backpack. ﹞ Top flavors: lemon, grapefruit Middle notes: verbena, geranium Base note: cedar ○**② Lime Basil & Mandarin﹙Lime Basil﹚** ﹝Herbal freshness has a straightforward spicy fragrance, and the slightly sour lime dances confidently and playfully. ﹞ Top notes: lime, citrus Middle flavor: basil, thyme Base note: amber, sandalwood, cedar ○**③ Clean Cotton﹙Pure cotton﹚** ﹝The bright scent is clean and fresh, refreshing and flawless. ﹞ Top flavor: lemon, citrus Middle notes: violet, jasmine, cotton Base note: Musk Material: tinplate, Stone, essential oil Weight: 330 g - 380 g **﹝How to use ①﹞**If you want a better fragrance diffusion experience, let us add good fragrance for you. The impregnation method is used to allow the pores of the Stone to completely absorb the aroma, giving the most complete aroma effect. After receiving the product, you can open the lid and use it. When not in use, close the lid to preserve the fragrance. **﹝How to use ②﹞**Add your own fragrance according to your needs. A set of ﹝Fragrance 2mlx3﹞ is included, allowing you to decide the timing of fragrance more flexibly. It is suitable for friends who will start using it after receiving the product for a while, have an uncertain use time, or want to give it as a gift. Diffusion range: 3 - 5 square meters Diffusion time: more than 100 hours Small reminder: The above range of aging is actual test data, but the actual use effect depends on the differences in temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions of individual spaces. **About gift giving** If you want to give a gift, please leave a note on the order and a small card will be provided to you to make your heart more complete:) You can purchase exclusive ones later the fragrance of Stone:) does not come with fragrance or container to create more possibilities ○ WHITE series → Lime basil, lemon verbena, pure cotton ● (BLACK Series → Sage Sea Salt, Bergamot Vetiver) ○ **#saythinggood**


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The pores of the rough mineral exude a delicate style [Fragrance Stone] Large jar set Decoration and fragrance diffuser kill two birds with one stone Charming in any space Recommended fresh scent gifts


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