Dimeng Qi Debug learning this [paragraph leather / hedgehog]

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Dimeng Qi Debug learning this [paragraph leather / hedgehog]


**///Product desciption///** Of the student population, the laptop is definitely an important learning tool indispensable, but only average notebook making notes on the course, although contribute to learning and memory, but can not be more efficient to focus on review. I believe many people have this experience, every time before the exam, looking at the books, notes, but only repeated the exercise in accordance with the order to review, simulation papers, written self-study more, it is easy in the same kinds of questions, ideas err on or formulas. Want to learn more efficiently, it may be this semester, so Dimanche Dimeng Qi new Debug the present study, the use of more effective ways to help enhance learning outcomes. The biggest difference with the traditional notebook Debug learning is, including abandoned the traditional horizontal lines on a page format changed to 5mm square grid of the base, whether it is used in writing on the liberal arts, science or charts, formulas, computing, can easily be recorded neatly. In addition, the page with the same color is also darker lines, cut into four equal parts of the page, to facilitate the focus block record. Users can use as general notes, can also be used as Debug focus of this record, there are several ways, such as by sub-account, an error occurs every time the subject of the size of the job or with their original exam answers copied down revise, in addition to using different colored pens to write the correct answer on the outside, but also the way this question annotation knowledge focus, a deeper impression. Key knowledge used to classify or recording units, the formula or summary of common questions. The use of the usual job with the small examination, will compulsory, often test the error-prone part of the Division finishing in Debug in this study, by handwriting achieve deepen the role of memory, before an important exam to learn the contents of the Debug be mainly review and improve learning efficiency per unit of time. To allow the user to distinguish at a glance - department do not, the Debug the present study covers specially designed eight different patterns with vibrant color models, there are also simple leather retro models, in addition to identifying patterns, but also on the cover design subjects can fill blocks Oh! Learning is not about the length of time invested, but rather if you can find an effective way. This semester from the beginning of the present study attempts to use Debug! **///Product specifications///** Inside: 5mm square grid Dimensions: 14.8 x 21 x 0.6 cm Material: Art paper / Kraft https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/458/32039361820_773dea096d_o.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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