Taiwanese Totem Sticker (Taiwanese Totem Sticker)

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* Original tattoo sticker * SGS national inspection is qualified, not easy to be allergic, safe and non-toxic


Wildman Working House

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Taiwanese Totem Sticker (Taiwanese Totem Sticker)


★ Primary Taiwan ★ Image Totem Tattoo Sticker (Animal) * Original tattoo sticker * The daily shower is not affected, it can usually last for 3-5 days * SGS national inspection is qualified, not easy to be allergic, safe and non-toxic * It is recommended that children under 6 years of age be used with the assistance of parents Size: H 10 cm x W11 cm Color: Dark Grey Quantity: 1 entry Ingredients: Cosmetic-grade colorant, glycine vegetable oil, skin-specific transfer gel ▲ This series of works is based on the redesign of tattoo, wood carving, cultural relics and other related images of Paiwan Lukai ethnic group; In the past, the aborigines did not have words, so the meaning on totems is equivalent to words. Newly drawn Aboriginal style totem, posted on the body to show personalized original style fashion !! ((This work can also be affixed to a glass or mug, suitable for aboriginal related activities or daily use in daily life.)) ◆ SGS national inspection qualified https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4312/35139126314_d0044308e6_b.jpg ▲ ▲ {Aboriginal Culture Elementary School} ▲▲ The tattoo culture of Aboriginal people in Taiwan is better known for its tattoos. According to the literature, Saixia, Paiwan, Rukai and Beinan also had tattoo culture in the past. Paiwan and Rukai people used tattoos on the backs of women's hands as proof of adulthood and chastity. Tattooed women still exist in Paiwan and Rukai tribes today It's just that the youngest are also over 80 years old; For one reason, tattoos don't just follow suit. If there are no tribal elders meeting approval Determining eligibility for assassination It must not be arbitrarily stabbed. Another reason is that the tattoo master himself must be a respected craftsman In the case of tattoo culture being gradually weakened by the concept of Chineseization Master tattoos wither each As a result, this traditional technique is gradually lost and then forgotten. Paiwan and Lukai tattoos were performed before the assassin was about fourteen years old to show adulthood; The tattooist uses a bamboo stick tip and a metal sharp needle to stain the skin surface of the victim with a charcoal ash. Because the skin will become red and swollen, it is necessary to wait until the stabbed person has swelled before continuing. Therefore, it takes about one to two months to complete all tattoo totems. In Paiwan and Lukai tattoos, women only end on the back of their hands, up to their elbows Demonstrated virility, talent, and chastity; Men can pierce the back of the hand, the entire arm, the chest, the back Denotes adulthood, good hunting, and merit to the people. https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4302/35140032934_9097c0bd7a_b.jpg Origin / manufacturing methods TAIWAN / UV printing


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