Baby music game ball

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● Moderate music, calm your baby's mood ● Help crawling and train small muscles to grow ● Move your brain to help build stereo concepts and visual cognition



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Baby music game ball


**RUNALAND baby music game ball** Infant crawling is an important posture reflex, which contributes to the development of muscles of the whole body size. It is the basis of the next stage of toddler and body balance. It is designed for baby crawling and toddlers! __[Parents play toys are teaching aids]__ Invite experts to design educational games books. The book designs learning games for different ages of babies, and develops a variety of parent-child play methods. Let your baby learn in life games, build self-confidence and cultivate emotional understanding between parents and children! __[Scroll triggers music, causing baby attention and curiosity]__ The geometric buttons on the circumference of the game ball will touch the ground to touch the sound effect when scrolling, send out cute animal sound effects, and happy and brisk music, which will cause the baby to pay attention and want to move the body to get the game ball. __[The built-in small rolling ball stimulates the baby's spatial cognitive development]__ There is a blocking structure in the middle of the game ball. The small ball is blocked inside. How can I help the small ball roll to the opposite side? ! The hand-eye coordination ability is shaken by hand and turned, and the stereo concept is constructed in the baby's brain. The small stimulation of the hand muscle helps the brain develop. When the game ball rolls or shakes, the small ball will make a sound with the collision, which can train children's hearing and concentration, and also create more interactive fun when playing! __[Moderate flashing lights with music rhythm, calming emotions, not crying]__ The built-in LED light is gentle, not irritating, and the concert has different color effects, and the flashing distracting baby's attention is focused. Moderate and joyful music helps your baby feel happy! __[Special design, training small muscles]__ The special hollowing out design allows the baby to easily grasp the game sphere without falling, training and strengthening the hand muscle strength! **RUNALAND** Name: Baby Music Game Ball (FE68) Main material: plastic, electronic IC parts, paper Applicable age: 6 months or more Place of Origin: Mainland China (Jin Liyang Self-operated Factory) Size: main body is about 14x14x14 cm; outer box 18x15x15 cm Content: Baby music game ball*1 group + game book*1 book Battery: This unit needs to use 2 No. 4 (AAA) batteries. **This product is not included with the battery. Please purchase it separately. It is recommended to use a normal carbon-zinc battery. Do not use a strong alkaline battery.** __【Precautions】__ ‧This machine needs to use 2 No. 4 (AAA) batteries ‧ Non-similar batteries or old and new batteries cannot be mixed. ‧The battery poles must not be short-circuited. ‧The battery must be placed correctly according to the positive and negative indications. ‧ When not using the unit for a long time, remove the battery. ‧ The exhausted battery must be taken out of the toy. ‧ Non-rechargeable batteries are not rechargeable. ‧ Do not use rechargeable batteries. ‧ Do not put the product accessories in the mouth to avoid danger of ingestion. ‧ Do not approach the fire source to avoid danger.


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