#100 Sweet Apple Oil (Finger Edge Oil) | Armor Series | ZOO Nail Polish for Mom and Kids

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Lily35 Luxury Beauty/ZOO kids Beauty
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#100 Sweet Apple Oil (Finger Edge Oil) | Armor Series | ZOO Nail Polish for Mom and Kids


https://f.ecimg.tw/items/DDATO9A900B4TIS/i010001_1612367191.jpg **ZOO #100 Sweet Apple Oil (Finger Oil)** Sweet apple oil (finger oil) is convenient and fashionable, in a mini square bottle, Let girls like to put it in their bag and carry it with them! Rich in sweet almond and grapeseed oil and avocado oil, just touch it at any time, Your nails and finger edges will look healthier. It is the ideal companion for manicure and can also be used alone to obtain the natural gloss of the nail surface. With a fruity apple scent, fresh and comfortable! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ks-SUR4OMCg / Suitable/ When exposed to too cold, sun, chlorine, salt water or soapy water, the finger edges may become dry and cracked. In the case of extreme dryness and damage, finger edge oil can help moisturize the epidermis and nails and restore their health. / Uses/ Moisturize nails and finger edges, improve dry skin, and give off natural luster. / Usage/ After applying the beautiful finger paint, apply one drop to the root of the nail and massage the root, side, and fingertips of the nail in order until absorbed. It is suitable for daily use until the best condition. / Ingredients/ 1. Grape seed oil: small molecule, refreshing and easy to absorb in summer. It has the most abundant linoleic acid Omega-6 in vegetable oil, It can promote the absorption of vitamin C and E, prevent collagen loss and melanin precipitation. 2. Sweet almond oil: mild and easy to absorb, even babies can use it. Rich in vitamins, it has nourishing, moisturizing, soothing and anti-allergic effects, It is a vegetable oil with excellent skin care and moisturizing effects. 3. Avocado oil: Avocado oil is rich in vitamins AE and C. It is extracted from the core of avocado, which can effectively improve the dryness and aging of the skin. It has good permeability and can increase skin elasticity. / Capacity / 7 ml / Shelf life / three years ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ Packaging design ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ Packaging design ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ Packaging design ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ https://d.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AHAC6/i010012_1579692640.jpg **:: The outer box of interactive design::** Every small animal in the zoo has its own color and pattern! So every bottle of ZOO nail polish has a cute colorful outer box, which seems to be wearing an exclusive small dress. Put it back after playing, so cute that you can't bear to throw it away! Putting it in the room is good for healing, and giving gifts is also very decent and generous! **:: Design ingenuity::** 1. There are cute animal faces on the top, it looks like every little animal is fighting for beauty, Saying "Choose me! Choose me!" I want to win the favor of the little master! The more you collect, the more exciting it is! 2. The pattern representing the small animal surrounds the entire outer box. Mommy and Dadbi associate with the little baby. What is the representative pattern of the small animal? 3. At the bottom of the front bottle body, with a large opening and thoughtful design, you can see the color clearly from the front and the side, don't be afraid of color difference! 4. There is a use icon on the back of the box, and the beauty will be wiped only if you use it correctly. ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ Brand introduction*★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ Brand introduction*★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ Brand introduction* ★ ∞ ★ ∞ ★ **ZOO ㄖㄨ Disposable nail polish** Water-based • Non-toxic • Does not hurt armour Healthy and safe peelable finger color / specially designed for children Made in Taiwan **#Asia's largest designer children's nail polish brand** **/ ZOO nail polish for children / 5 thoughtful designs!** ✔️ Natural skin-friendly. The fragrant ZOO nail polish does not contain chemical substances. It is based on pure water, plus resin and natural mineral color paste, so you can enjoy your parent-child time with peace of mind! ✔️ Easily tear off. No need to go to Guangshui! After the nail polish is dry, you can tear off the whole piece! Like disposable glasses, clean and convenient! ✔️ Small bottle body. Small hands are better to hold! With elastic bristles, there are fewer brush marks and more uniform color! ✔️ Color enlightenment. Multi-color matching is more creative, and different gameplay is more interesting! ✔️ Zoo theme. Play finger coloring with cute animals and leave precious childhood memories! https://b.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AHAC6/i010014_1579692641.jpg https://e.ecimg.tw/items/DDBR3OA900AHAC6/i010015_1579692641.jpg


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Armor must be rich in sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, deeply moisturizing, refreshing and easy to absorb


ส่วนประกอบสำคัญ (ภาษาอังกฤษ)
Grape Seed Oil . Avocado Oil . Sweet Almond Oil
7 ml x 1
36 เดือน,หลังเปิดใช้งาน 12 เดือน


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