Wooden Apple Music Box--Passionate Red Apple--Woodcut--Handmade--

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Wooden Apple Music Box--Passionate Red Apple--Woodcut--Handmade-- - ของวางตกแต่ง - ไม้ สีแดง


Art comes from life But different from life Just because I like to eat apples I think carving wood is like eating apples. Can be very casual and very happy In addition to your own creation Also created this series of apple-shaped products I want to pass on everyone a feeling of peace and happiness. The favorite gift I received as a child was the music box. Turn around when you are bored Listening quietly to soft music I feel very calm and happy in my heart. Before the exhibition, some music box works were put on the exhibition floor. Let everyone who visits interact with the work. I hope that the work is not just a work. Wood carving is interesting I want to be exactly the same. So I think every piece is unique. When a knife is cut, there is a temperature that belongs to the hand. And this music box is completely hand-carved The music of the movement is also specially selected. The music of some music boxes sold outside is not so good. Reassembly has also been studied for a long time. I hope everyone can because of them I feel happy, Ping An is happy~~ ● Production: hand-carved and colored ● Size: about 7 ~ 8 cm (Apple part is not perfect) The music box is 9.5cm in diameter and 5.5cm in diameter. ●Color: Red Green Apple page https://www.pinkoi.com/product/tUis9Bu3?category=5 Other colors please go to the following page https://www.pinkoi.com/product/4jLTgpV8 Need custom lettering on Apple please go to https://www.pinkoi.com/product/vQTKX67F?category=5 ●Material: wood, music box wood and movement ●Notes: 1. This is a product made of logs. Do not touch sharp objects to avoid scratching the surface. 2. The surface has been treated with a protective lacquer and has a waterproof effect, but it is still not immersed in water. 3. Each item is handmade, and the size will be slightly wrong. 4. Please wait patiently for the production time, thank you ※Music box movement is the life of the music box, please turn clockwise about 3 times, do not turn more than 4 times, to avoid damage to the movement!!! -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ The origin of "Heart Art 13 Life Creation" There are always extraordinary things happening in ordinary life. Everyone has something that belongs to his own unique meaning "Thirteen" is a special number for us. Therefore, we created this "heart art thirteen" with this feeling. Let us create our own art with our heart and hands. I hope to create a unique one for everyone. Design concept---unique gift ‧ hand made temperature The starting point of our design comes from the "gift" Always I really like to make gifts for my family and friends. When you see the person receiving the gift, you are happy. The corner of the mouth is always unconsciously rising Therefore, we set up the studio "Heart Art 13 Life Creation" I hope to design and produce it for everyone. Meaningful little thing Our main material is the use of wood and pottery. Both of these material properties give a warm feeling We like to keep the texture of the hand made In addition to the original material characteristics Also kept the temperature of the hand I hope that art can be integrated into life. Let art not only play an eye Can also have practical value Find extraordinary from ordinary people -------------------------------------------------- ------------------ Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan handmade


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Art comes from life, but it is different from life. It can be very free and very happy. When I was a child, the most fav


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