easyPOCKET XL 2.5x/6D/78x50mm German Made LED Portable Aspheric Magnifier

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easyPOCKET XL 2.5x/6D/78x50mm German Made LED Portable Aspheric Magnifier


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wma8IsCaFg&ab_channel=%E8%8F%AF%E5%A0%82%E5%85%89%E5%AD%B8%E5%AF%A6%E6%A5%AD%E2%80%A7%E9%87%8D%E6%8B%BE%E6%8E%A2%E7%B4%A2%E7%9A%84%E6%A8%82%E8%B6%A3HWATANGOPTICS https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/content/a8053de875a681e26695f2267906ec13.jpg https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/content/85b24ccc7a4d7db1ba525433c060778c.jpg https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/easyPOCKETXL-PL2.jpg?1501935675648 **EasyPOCKET XL Large Pocket Series from Eschenbach, Germany** **2.5x / 6D / 78x50mm German Made LED Portable Aspheric Magnifier** **Simple black 152210 / starlight Silver 152211** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/easyPOCKETXL-2-PL2.jpg?1501935685966 **product description** Germany Eschenbach designs a series of portable magnifying glass styles, which can meet various temporary reading needs: . visoPOECT: ultra-thin diffractive aspheric lens, with environmentally friendly artificial leather, easy to watch when you go out. Deep Brown Brown∥Bordeaux Wine . easyPOCKET: It has an ultra-thin body and LED lighting, suitable for use in dim environments. Business card size, easy to store and carry. Simple black ∥ starlight Silver ∥ starfish blue . easyPOCKET XL: It has an ultra-thin body and LED lighting, with a larger mirror and a slanted stand design. Simple black ∥ starlight Silver . mobile: Macarons are small and compact, with a variety of magnifications to choose from. . mobile LED: Add LED white light illumination, which can be seen clearly even in dim environments. . designo: Simple and elegant design, easy to store in your pocket. 1711 (5x/30mm) **feature of product** **PXM optical grade Acrylic high light transmission lens** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/H1505/PXM-S2.jpg The patented optical-grade Acrylic lens exclusively developed by Eschenbach in Germany is not only extremely light and shatterproof, but also has high light transmission and sharp imaging. It is an optical product with ergonomic design and excellent effect. https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/product/H1505/PXM-PL2.jpg **Diffractive Aspheric Diffractive Aspheric Lens Design** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach-icon/Diffractive-Aspheric-Lens-S2.jpg?1501826981706 Diffractive aspherical lenses can eliminate spherical distortion aberrations around the lens; more diopters can be added to the same mirror size to design higher magnification. The diffractive structure corrects for chromatic aberration. **Ultra-thin SMD-LED Lighting** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach-icon/SMD-LED-S2.jpg?1501826946362 https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/easyPOCKET-PL2.jpg?1501826500695 easyPOCKET / easyPOCKET XL series adopts the same lighting source as mobilux LED series, and the light turns on when the lens is pulled down to the bottom, which can be used according to the environmental conditions and avoid wasting power. Compared with LED bulbs with lenses in front, SMD-LEDs have a larger irradiation angle. High-brightness white light illumination can be used even in dim environments, the illuminance can reach 1300~1500 lumens (LUX), and the service life can reach 50,000 hours. https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/mobiluxLED-CP2-PL2.jpg?1501826217302 **Portable Observation Large Mirror** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/easyPOCKETXL-3-PL2.jpg?1501936102899 https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/152210-2-PL2.jpg?1501936112102 https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/152211-2-PL2.jpg?1501936125517 The mirror surface has been enlarged from the original 50x45mm to 78x50mm, allowing you to view a larger area at a time and make reading more comfortable. The thickness of the fuselage is only 7mm, and the light and thin appearance design is convenient to put in pockets and bags, and can protect the lens from scratches when storing. **Built-in bracket design** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/152210-3-PL2.jpg?1501936134784 https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/152211-3-PL2.jpg?1501936145010 There is a built-in bracket in the fuselage, push out the bracket and place the magnifying glass obliquely on the table, so that you can directly observe without holding it, which is convenient for two-handed operation. **Specification comparison** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/easyPOCKET-CP-PL2.jpg?1501826132192 https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/eschenbach-easyPOCKETXL-152210-N1-PL2.jpg?1501938592578 https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/eschenbach-easyPOCKETXL-152211-N1-PL2.jpg?1501938610001 **Precautions** . Do not place the lens under sunlight when exposed to avoid danger. . The best effect can be obtained only when using it within the focal length and eye distance. However, the specifications are marked as the original factory standard data, and the actual situation may vary slightly due to different personal vision conditions. . When wiping the mirror surface, do not wipe vigorously back and forth, as it may still cause scratches on the mirror surface and affect vision. Wipe gently with a damp cloth in one direction, and then dry with a dry cloth. . Do not use volatile cleaners to wipe the lens of this product, as it will cause damage to the lens. . Please take out the battery if it is not used for a long time to avoid damage caused by battery leakage. Please recycle used batteries. **product specification** Original serial number: 152210 (simple black) / 152211 (starlight Silver) Magnification: 2.5 times Diopter: 6 Diopter Mirror size: 78x50mm Lens material: PXM optical grade Acrylic high light transmittance lens Lens method: Diffractive Aspheric diffraction aspheric lens design Lighting source: SMD-LED white light Battery: CR2032 button battery*2 Focal length: 70mm Eye distance: 250mm Size: length 113-193x width 62x thickness 7mm Weight: 60g Origin: Germany **brand introduction** https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/eschenbach-logo2-M4.jpg?1501828202782 Germany Eschenbach Optics was established in 1913. It is a leading German manufacturer of visual aids in the world. It is committed to the design and production of high-quality reading magnifiers, working magnifiers, magnifying glasses, reading glasses, filter glasses, and electronic expanders. And so on, with various optical cutting-edge patented technologies and professional talents. Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, the United States, Japan, Spain, Poland, and the Czech Republic have subsidiaries and sell in more than 80 countries around the world, providing users with the most perfect reading experience, and assisting amblyopia and low vision A visual aid to the patient. Huatang Optics is the general agent in Taiwan. https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/Eschenbach-Intro2-PL3.jpg?1501828260102 https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/eschenbach-company-2-PL2.jpg?1501828307776 https://www.hwatang.com.tw/uploads/editor/Eschenbach/eschenbach-company-3-PL2.jpg?1501828323353


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■ Imported from Germany ■ PXM patented optical grade Acrylic ■ High light transmittance, clear and sharp ■ Diffraction aspherical thin mirror ■ LED light source white light lighting ■ Business card size is easy to carry


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