KYM-T12CE 26-inch Ukulele Mahogany Built-in Pickup Classic 12 Series Mahogany Tenor Ukulele w/ pickup

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KYM-T12CE 26-inch Ukulele Mahogany Built-in Pickup Classic 12 Series Mahogany Tenor Ukulele w/ pickup

รายละเอียดสินค้า 21 inch KYM-S12 21 inch pineapple type KYM-SP12 23 inch KYM-C12 26 inch KYM-T12 23 inch with pickup KYM-C12CE 26 inch with pickup KYM-T12CE design KOYAMA Wu Ke Li Li on the sound quality requirements, KOYAMA in 2008 launched a new 12 series, in addition to the barrel of wood material selection of mahogany to enhance the resonance, enhance the sound quality, 12 series more in the head to do a Change: dark brown Mahogany (mahogany) and light-colored Maple (maple) perfect combination, the birth of this a compelling, but also people could not help but want to listen to the series. Shadow pickup German factory shadow for the development of Wu Keli Li pickup, the use of Nanoflex technology, to reproduce the instrument the most authentic and most natural sound, in capturing Uchilayi the most authentic soundtrack at the same time, the maximum inhibition of feedback, to meet the stage Claim. Quality insisted Wu Keli Li are made of wood. Wooden instruments are most afraid of temperature and humidity changes and deformation, especially the part of the piano handle. Finger board selection texture clear and delicate rosewood, neck after 6 months of natural dry, KOYAMA production plant at any time more than 40,000 of the piano handle in the natural dry, so that the production of Ukrainian Lili is not subject to external Environmental impact and deformation. For quality, we put a considerable amount of time and cost of preparation. Sound quality pursuit In addition to the requirements of the wood material, where will affect the Ukrainian Leli sound quality accessories, put the string line, string button, up and down the string pillow ... are in the request of the teacher, the use of higher cost material. With good wood, accessories, coupled with experienced, skilled master of the system, so KOYAMA 12 series of sound and vigorous, and the frequency of bright! Tail nail KOYAMA each pair of piano have been installed strap nail, with a dedicated strap to use, so you play Ukraine Keli more smoothly. All series 12 series of Ukrainian Li Li developed, because of its voice, the appearance of excellent performance, so KOYAMA development of 12 series of all models, so that fans choose their own size of the Ukrainian Lily. Gift accessories ☆ KOYAMA original embroidery ultra-thick piano bag 20mm ☆ KOYAMA original tuner (high sensitivity clip tuner) Model: KYM-T12CE Size: 26 inches Panel: mahogany Side back: mahogany Fingerboard: rose wood Under the horse: rose wood Kunger: 18 String: Italy Aquila Chord length: 430mm String pillow: steel material ※ piano sent before the first tune has been checked, but because it is a new string, you need to tune for a while will gradually stabilize down. ※ one year warranty (string, accessories and other consumables are not within the warranty) Origin / manufacturing method Taiwanese design, made in China


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