British century-old antique sterling silver carved grape scissors

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British century-old antique sterling silver carved grape shears British century-old antique sterling silver carved grape shears


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British century-old antique sterling silver carved grape scissors

รายละเอียดสินค้า Product name: British century-old antique sterling silver finely carved grape scissors Product desciption: |1897|Made in London|Rare| Grape shears are a device specially designed for cutting grape stems invented in the 19th century. They are usually about 16-20 cm, and the handle is much longer than the blade, allowing you to insert the blade deeply into the grape cluster. Most scissors have blunt ends on the ends, so they will not pierce the fruit. In the late Georgian era, grape shears were usually made of gilding, which means that grape shears have become a part of tableware and dinner service and have been given high value. Later, in the Victorian period, the grape shears were more advanced. It was made of sterling silver like the best tableware to avoid discoloration and withstand the test of time. There are often exquisite carving patterns of grapes and vines on the handles, and more and more different shapes and sizes and rich patterns emerge. Speaking of grape shears, of course, reminds of Victorian eating etiquette, and even published books at that time instructing people on how to recognize items like asparagus tongs, bone marrow spoons and grape shears, and how to use them correctly is very important. In the process of enjoying the dessert at the formal dinner, first use the beautiful grape cutter to cut the grape stems into small pieces and place them elegantly on the dinner plate, so that you can eat the grapes with your hands 😊 When eating grapes, you should cover half of your hand on your lips, and quickly put the seeds and outer skin in your fingers, and quickly place them on the side of the plate, that is, the back of the plate. Since grapes are still a common ingredient for cheese and desserts, grape shears remain practical. Antique grape scissors represent a symbol of etiquette and a past era, allowing people to embrace this civilized society more. At that time, the understanding of the etiquette and table manners of sterling silver tableware, and compliance with these rules determined people's status in society. The shop introduces the extremely beautiful sterling silver finely carved grape scissors. The front of the whole pair of scissors is full of rich hand-carved. The blade and appearance are also different from the previously shared forms. They are rare and rare beauty products. On the back, there is a sterling silver chapter and the company brand JW&F.CW, (founded in 1791, named after the series of sterling silver tableware) Not only collection, but also suitable for pruning flower stems and thin wood branches. They love gardening, floristry, and potted plants. This type of sterling silverware is a high price More beautiful details are in the photo👉 Recommend friends who like to collect sterling silver scissors😊 ✧Pure silver & brand mark: [Chapter] Sterling 925 sterling silver [Brand] James Wakely & Frank Clarke Wheeler [Year] 1897 [Origin] London, England [Pattern] Hand-carved pattern ✧Size: Length 17 x Width 5cm *This design hall is mainly based on European antiques, old pieces and old objects. After years of baptism, some antiques will inevitably have some traces of history and black spots, or small missing corners, It is inevitable that it is not as clean and flawless as a brand new product, but this does not affect its own retro beauty Perfectionism and friends who are used to buying brand new products, please think twice before placing an order. We also look forward to you becoming the beauty that loves antiquities as much as we do^^ If you have any questions, please send us a message!


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