Fermented and matured placenta extract precursor solution 5ml essence, Japan Institute of Natural Products

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■ Fermented and matured placenta ■ Restore skin health and vitality ■ Smaller molecules, UP absorption rate ■ After fermentation, the effective ingredients are greatly increased ■ Adjust skin texture and improve skin condition



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1 - 3 วัน
Fermented and matured placenta extract precursor solution 5ml essence, Japan Institute of Natural Products


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It is refreshing and burden-free to use and can solve a variety of skin troubles. The method of use is free and you can make your unique special care. ✔ Original patented technology Using the original extraction technology, the beauty ingredients rich in the placenta are extracted without reservation. Maintain high concentration and activity to achieve the best maintenance effect! ✔ Fermented and matured placenta 📌Use yeast and brown sugar to slowly ferment the placenta extract, and then further mature 📌 Increase the concentration, purification, absorption and effect of effective ingredients 📌The effective ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc. are greatly improved, the absorption rate is strengthened, and the skin beautification effect is effectively achieved ✔ Peace of mind without adding Strictly abide by the safety standards designed by ourselves and the quality requirements of pharmaceutical products. Use only good ingredients to make skin care products that are beneficial to the skin, and insist on adding no substances harmful to the skin. Instructions Please keep it in a cool place. If the room temperature is too high, it is recommended to put it in the refrigerator. 1. Direct use: give full play to the strength of the original liquid 2. Exclusive care: can be used with different original liquids according to skin conditions 3. Strengthen maintenance: mix the skin care products on hand to enhance the effect ˙The order of use: lead stock liquid → lotion → essence → eye cream → cream OR lotion ♥Brand Introduction The Japan Institute of Natural Materials was founded in 1996. It is a manufacturer of high-end department stores in Japan's Takashimaya, Seibu, Keio, Matsumoto Kiyoshi, and Kirindo large chain drugstores. Suntory and DHC products are also provided by it. South Korea’s LG is the only supplier designated in Japan. It is also Japan's only "EGF.FGF" raw material manufacturer, with a purity of over 90%. The word-of-mouth guarantee for 30 years, with an annual sales of 3 million bottles! ◎Japan is known as "Presidential Skin Care Products" Do you know that brand owners will use their own products? President Mitsui was born in 1941 and personally tested his own formula for a long time. The skin freeze age is completely different from 79 years old, so he launched his own brand with the same high specifications for general consumers to use. In Japan Known as "presidential skin care products." ◎Internationally renowned-Japanese placenta expert 5 differences of placenta ☆Exclusive source Use only 8% precious SPF placenta from Japan ☆Exclusive extraction Take only 7% of the villi in the placenta ☆Exclusive technology Original patented fermentation placenta technology ☆Exclusive effects President Mitsui’s frozen skin is the best testimony ☆Exclusive vertical integration From raw materials to production, one-stop manufacturing process, eliminating middlemen The "Japan Institute of Natural Products" is specifically designed for Asian skin. After rigorous experiments and repeated tests, it has developed products suitable for Asians. ♡Product specifications [Packing] 5ml ampoule, with a soft plastic bottle cap [Preservation method] Please store in a cool place. [Storage period] 3 years [Manufacturing place] Japan [Manufacturer] Japan Institute of Natural Products Co., Ltd. (4-3-6 Sayamadai, Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture) [Product size] bottom diameter 2 x height 4.3cm [Packing size] 2.5 x 2.5 x 7.8 cm 【Product Weight】14g 【Product & Package Weight】17g


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