Small cow village big brim handmade double-sided sun hat cowboy stitching / extra long brim-tannin block pattern

แปลอัตโนมัติ (ภาษาเดิม: จีน-ตัวเต็ม)
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Small cow village big brim handmade double-sided sun hat cowboy stitching / extra long brim-tannin block pattern


※The cutting pattern of each hat will be different. In the four seasons, you are unique! 🔸"Extra-long hat brim" is handmade, the best choice for sun protection, it is comfortable to wear and has the effect of modifying the shape of the face. 🔸Double-sided design, the inner surface is meticulously designed by the designer, when it is folded, each angle has a different visual change! 🔸The brim of the extra-long brim has an aluminum wire (safety and waterproof) design, which can be folded and adjusted to be durable and easy to store. It can be worn when it is unfolded. 🔸Bonus hat rope (both sides can be loaded and unloaded): (1) The tightness of the cap can be adjusted outside the cap (2) The cap can be used as a windproof rope under the cap 【Product specifications】 (55~59cm) One size fits all, those with small head circumference can adjust the tightness of the hat brim ※What should I do if I worry about the cap circumference? ** You can leave the centimeter of the head circumference on the order remarks, and we will evaluate the size for you. **※Method of head circumference measurement:** Use a cloth ruler to gently wrap around the eyebrows and ears (do not pull it too tight) After multiple measurements, the head circumference centimeter can be determined (If you don't have a cloth ruler, you can find an inelastic string and measure it with a ruler!) 【Material】 Imported denim, washed cloth, cotton cloth 【Cleaning method】 1. It is recommended to wash by hand, do not soak for a long time and over-wash to cause damage. 2. After washing, use a towel to absorb the moisture slightly. It is normal for the cotton to have wrinkles. In the state of damp cloth, it can support the hat shape. It can be hung and dried naturally in the shade. [Love reminder] ※Each piece of cloth will change the position of the printed image due to the cutting, but it can present a different visual sense, and the acceptor can order it again! ※Due to the different color rendering and shooting angle of each computer, a little color difference is unavoidable. We try our best to present the color as close to the actual product. ※The product is made by hand. If it is due to personal factors rather than product defects, we will not be able to return the product. If you accept it, you can place an order. I apologize to you here. Please forgive me. / Product desciption / Original unique, good comfort, wearing a modified face effect, and not easy to make hair deformation. Hand-made" double-sided design ", hat folding each angle has a different visual changes. With the unique pattern of splicing, simple and changeable, easy to wear, go out and save time. The cut pattern for each hat will be different. You are unique in the four seasons! ‧If you are not sure the size is right for your own, you can fill in the size of the head around the order note and we will evaluate the size for your production. / Product specifications / Inside: cotton, denim Outside: cotton, denim / Cleaning method / ‧Hand wash, do not rub hard. ‧Dirty blocks can be gently scrubbed with a soft brush, do not rub hard. ‧After cleaning, please put the hat into the 2 ~ 3 layer laundry bag, 1 minute spin. ‧Cotton washed, there will be wrinkled as a normal phenomenon, in the state of the damp cloth, hands along a smooth, gently hold up the cap type, hanging and naturally dry in the shade. / handmade in Taiwan, original design /


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Super sunshade~The brim of the hat can be easily bent and stored conveniently, and it can be worn when unfolded and flattened again!


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