Aromatherapy essential oil candle, rose rock incense box | cat penguin metal cover | custom models

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Special container order, exclusive to the special one he/she. Please indicate cat/penguin when subscripting



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Aromatherapy essential oil candle, rose rock incense box | cat penguin metal cover | custom models


Product specifications: 🔅芳therapy essential oil candle 🔅 Essential oil, soy wax, beeswax, shea butter Please refer to the following text for the formula. Please indicate the desired taste when subscript. 🔅 rose salt diffuser box 🔅 Rose salt, comes with 10ml compound pure essential oil spray —————————————————— No.2 Half-day Zen In the movement, do your own master all the time. The moment is changed, the moment is Hui. Beyond time and space, calm but clear. Main formula: eucalyptus, Atlantic cedar, juniper, benzoin, bergamot No.3 Fangye Occasional encounters, lively play, colorful balloons, beautiful but free. Very suitable for a leisurely and elegant mood all day long. Main formula: rose geranium, bergamot, sweet orange, eucalyptus, frankincense No.4 Orange The dazzling warmth of the sun, there is no lack of freshness. It seems that after the sun and the afternoon, the breeze is sloppy, but it does not sweat. Main formula: sweet orange, bergamot, rose geranium, rosemary, eucalyptus, coconut oil No.5 沁心爽夏 Cool and sultry, erase the summer's instigation, like a strong heart. Find out the sensitivity of the nose and create a wonderful sense of smell. Main formula: Atlantic cedar, eucalyptus, bitter orange leaf, Moroccan green mint, rosemary No.6 Pure and intimate Pure, fresh, grateful. The gentle atmosphere is filled, soothing the rest of the day, calming but not losing the weight of the soul. Main formula: lavender, rose grass, bergamot, rosewood, elm No.7 Eye of skin Show the inner vitality, fresh but aggressive, "power, quiet, warm, extravagant. Feel the joy of spring." Main formula: wild ginger flower, rose geranium, sweet orange, jasmine, orange flower No.8 Reunion The warm air is covered, the sweetness is hidden, but it is far-reaching. Have the taste of memories. Create a long melody. Main formula: grapefruit, rosewood, real lavender, frankincense, orange blossom Banana Island Candles Representing a natural luxury and comfortable living style. Perfect interpretation of the taste and philosophy of the founder, Advocating the art of living, It is based on the pure beauty of taste life. The knowledge base established by the founder when applying the University of Medicine, Combining the love of aromatherapy and yoga, And the sensitivity to innate allergies to many things. Committed to creating a comfortable, healthy and harmless candle product. The concept of knowledge in medical science is upheld on the fragrance. Combine the concept of aromatherapy. Convinced of a living and complete formula Roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, resins, Like the same big tree, it is indispensable. The formulas are all stacked with "ten or more" essential oils. Due to the difference in volatility of different types of essential oils, Create a rich and comfortable sense of smell.


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