Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER COLT Eclipse car key case key leather case

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Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER COLT Eclipse car key case key leather case - ที่ห้อยกุญแจ - หนังแท้ สีดำ


Precautions 🔺Check the key: Before buying, please message the key photo to help you confirm that it is correct before placing an order🔺 (If you place an order without confirmation and make a mistake, you must bear it yourself) 🔺The color card behind the picture browsing in the store is the physical production and shooting, and the color reference of this photo is the main reference🔺 🔺Purely handmade and completed as soon as possible according to the production hours of the store🔺 🔺Exquisitely packaged gift box, convenient and suitable for gift giving🔺 【Poseidon boutique handmade leather goods】 #茶界的马萨拉蒂# Artistic atmosphere from Italy 🇮🇹Taiwan supercar master car key leather case 🇮🇹Exclusively developed car key leather case full-covered 3D curved surface version 🇮🇹The shape close to the key is tailor-made for the new induction key 🇮🇹Thousands of car owners recognize the leather shaping process of craftsmen 🇮🇹One-year warranty for stitches coming off 🔺Ordering process and notices🔺 1. Check the custom-made key leather case All handmade custom works are made after ordering, not ready-made products Please confirm whether the key of the required key leather case is consistent with the product (picture 2) to avoid mistakes The works in the store only sell key leather cases, (picture 2) the key is only provided for customer reference confirmation, not included in the work The works are all tried and tested without affecting the induction signal, and can be used directly The full-cover leather case is suitable for Keyless smart sensor keys, Not applicable if you need to insert the keyhole to start the ignition‼ ️ The exclusive design of the holster is sewn to retain an opening, which can be installed or replaced by the battery. without destroying the subject Different from the traditional method, the edge is sewn to death, causing the trouble of not being able to take out the key 2. Leather color selection To choose the leather color you like, you can refer to the above color card configuration (picture 4, 5, 6) Due to the complex dyeing process of vegetable tanned leather, it is not the color of synthetic leather that is dead bright. Therefore, the color of different batches of leather may be slightly different; And there is a slight color difference in the screen output of different mobile phones and computer brands. Those who are color sensitive are advised to choose black, and perfectionists are advised not to place an order. 3. Make workdays ⚒Pure handmade works need to go through many tedious processes in order to achieve a delicate three-dimensional arc However, it will be completed for you as soon as possible, and the working days are 5-14 days If there is a demand on the time of gift giving, please contact us to purchase the express fee and arrange it separately. All of these works are packed in exquisite boxes to meet your gift-giving needs 4. Leather introduction 100% top vegetable tanned cowhide from Italy, extracted from natural plant tannins Interpreted with high-quality Bronze hardware from Taiwan and Japan Natural vegetable tanned leather, the surface is not chemically coated like synthetic leather, Such as ribs, frictional color changes, mosquito bites, minor scratches, etc., All belong to the normal natural characteristics of leather materials and cannot be presented in the form of industrial-grade standard products Perfectionists please do not place an order 5. Craft techniques The key leather case is made of leather shaping technology, which uses the strong resilience of vegetable tanned leather and is fixed and shaped by ancient techniques Finely cut by hand to achieve the matching degree of the leather case, which is close to symmetry, and the precise edge distance is drilled and sewn Pure handmade ancient double-needle sewing, coupled with German parachute sutures, high strength and not easy to break Incremental grinding, repeated polishing and grinding to achieve the warmth of the edge of the leather case Brand Concept Poseidon boutique handmade leather products are located in Taiwan, we insist on high-quality craftsmanship, It is difficult to persevere for more than ten years, but we persevere to the end💪🏻 The core value of the work innovation is the real value, Instead of blindly pursuing low-cost product manufacturing and ignoring various details. Pursue your own technology, have confidence and focus on doing only the best works, Spare no time, work carefully, and never compromise on quality issues. With Italy, a country full of artistic atmosphere, Continuing the traditional Italian vegetable tanning method, Made of top Italian vegetable tanned cowhide that the craftsmen are most proud of The result is a unique and incomparable creation In the past, Taiwan was famous for MIT (Made in Taiwan), Now, we want to cross the international border with DIT (Designed in 🇹🇼Taiwan).


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Continuing the traditional Italian vegetable tanning method, Made of top Italian vegetable tanned cowhide that the craftsmen are most proud of The result is a unique and incomparable creation In the past, Taiwan was famous for MIT (Made in Taiwan), Now, we want to use DIT (Designed in 🇹🇼Taiwan) to cross international


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