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Orgon Pendulum Necklace/Lucky Fortune/Crystal Healing/Ogon Energy Tower/orgonite

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Orgon Pendulum Necklace/Lucky Fortune/Crystal Healing/Ogon Energy Tower/orgonite - สร้อยคอ - เครื่องประดับพลอย สีน้ำเงิน


🌟✨Orgonite is a kind of ether energy aggregation converter. Discovered by the American Wilhelm Reich in the 1840s, the experimental results published by the University of Marburg in Germany once again confirmed that this material has a physical and mental healing effect. An American couple, Don and Carol Croft, successfully improved this material and found that it has the ability to absorb harmful electromagnetic energy and convert it into beneficial electromagnetic energy. So far, it is often used by some Western spiritual and yoga practitioners for physical healing and meditation purification. ·✨Aogang is good at absorbing low-frequency energy and transforming it into positive high-frequency energy to maintain a healthy and harmonious state of body and mind. ✨What are the functions of Aogang 1. Absorb low-frequency radiation from electronic products such as towers/computers/mobile phones. 2. Transform the absorbed low-frequency energy, such as negative emotions, work and life stress, low-frequency energy released in the surrounding environment, etc., to provide a harmonious energy field for the synchronized energy of home and office, and improve body energy. 3. Expand the user's intent, improve energy levels, create a harmonious and balanced healing environment, and stimulate spiritual growth 4. When you gradually establish a link with your own Aogang products, you will find a lot of its capabilities. ·✨A real Aogang is made of natural raw ore crystal, metal Bronze and resin in strict proportion. ✨Ogon Energy Tower•Life Energy Harmonizer Aogang energy tower is a device that uses frequency to help us achieve purification, harmony, and improve the level of body and soul. 🔹Why did you name the Orgon energy tower I created Harmonizer? ——"I think the universe is a composite space interspersed and fused together by various energy fields~". Different energy fields have their specific frequencies. Ogang is only one of the energy fields in the universe, but at the same time, it is also an inexorable energy field that constitutes life. missing elements. In many theories, the human body is a manifestation of a living body that exists in different energy fields at the same time, and is formed by the combination of various energy fields (various frequencies). Animals and plants are also formed by the combination of different energy fields. In our life dimension, these two life forms have many overlapping energy fields at the same time, so the energy field of matter exists at the same time. 🔹"Harmonizer·Life Energy Harmonizer", from a scientific point of view, it will help the human body to reconcile the magnetic field, which is also called Qi in Chinese medicine, so that our frequency can be neutralized; and from the perspective of the soul of metaphysics, It enhances the magnetic field and achieves a purifier. Through the Aogang energy tower, it can help regulate the Aogang energy in the human body. ✔️Why do you need an Ogun Pyramid? 🔹Life level: Aogang Pyramid can absorb full-frequency electromagnetic waves, and then convert them into electromagnetic waves that are beneficial to the human body and release them, and continue to help the human body refill cosmic energy. 🔹Health level: Aogang Pyramid can heal the seven chakras, effectively assisting the healing of the physical state. 🔹Career dream level: Aogang can store and amplify energy 24 hours a day, and send your thoughts to the universe, cooperate with the law of attraction, create and attract abundance and joy to come to your side. 🔹Practice level: Aogang can increase the vibration frequency of energy, harmonize the airflow of the human body, refill energy, help calm the mind, and cultivate a sense of qi and energy. ✔️How to use Aogang Pyramid: 1. When meditating on the mind, turn the mind into a ray of light into the Aogang Pyramid, it will store the mind, amplify the mind and emit the mind to the universe. 2. When meditating, put Aogang by your side, it can help you become calm, concentrate, purify the space, and increase the frequency vibration of human energy. 3. Put Aogang on the bedside table when you sleep, Aogang will repair your energy field, continuously refill energy for you during the process of sleeping, soothe the nerves and help you sleep. ✨Aogang maintenance precautions: If there is dust, please wipe with a dry cloth, or rinse with water and then dry with a dry cloth. Avoid direct sunlight to avoid accelerated yellowing. ·Each piece is made by the artist purely by hand and will have a hand-made feel (there may be unavoidable tiny bubbles or traces of polishing), but because each piece is made with sincerity, it is as unique as a fingerprint. Unreproducible exquisiteness Works, suitable for gifts or self-collection. ·For customization, you can chat and communicate first. Each work is purely handmade. Even if you use the same elements to order, it cannot be exactly the same. There will be slight differences. ·Spot goods will be sent out as soon as possible within 1-2 days. Please wait patiently for 3-7 days for customized goods. Handmade creation requires inspiration and time.


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No.184,929 - เครื่องประดับ  |  No.33,423 - สร้อยคอ
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Size: Pendant length 46mm, adjustable Material: organic epoxy resin, blue Stone, blue agate, Bronze, Bronze Hardware: 14k gold plated Bronze


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