Lubar slowly weaves sands and obsidian metal weaves

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Lubar slowly weaves sands and obsidian metal weaves


Gold Stone, also known as obsidian Sands (Gold Sheen Obsidian), containing a bright golden obsidian substances. Gold Stone is considered to resist, absorb negative energy and Body effect, commonly used in divination count and predict the future. Obsidian is formed when volcanic lava is rapidly formed, and the rock flow and debris from the volcanic eruption rapidly solidify and harden to form. Obsidian beauty is restrained, and the United States gold Stone is assertive, are different. If the "eye color" Obsidian is subtle, then the "Golden Eye" gold Stone is passionate. Gold Stone yield relatively rare, especially on the less good, so the value is slightly higher over the rainbow obsidian eyes. Gold Stone Obsidian is the best, can enhance vitality, restore the human spirit, physical strength, have a good effect on the balance of "brain food" office workers and creative people. Gold Stone can help kidneys strong, gas absorption disease, improve sleep. Stone gold, extremely evil black primary colors, can be strong resolve negative energy, with the enrichment of the Lucky effect. Gold Stone will enable people stable, relieve stress, it is calm, eliminate emotional distress, and may enhance the action, charisma and centripetal force. The wearing method of obsidian and obsidian is the same. Body "into the left and right out," if you want to eliminate the negative energy of the body, please wear Daijin Yao Stone in his right hand. Wearing it on the left hand can strengthen our sea chakra, resist the invasion of external evil, and ward off evil. 🌸 Streamline Sands Obsidian Woven Necklace (with Chinese knotted rope twist chain) Main Stone: Sands Obsidian Size: 40x23x10mm Material: Bronze wire Art U.S. imports (plated Silver wire antioxidant protection film), silver ball 925 ⭕️Material description of metal wire Currently woven works of art imported begin production of Bronze wire, made of metal wire Bronze, color plating and protective film on the outer layer, do not wash or rub hard Wipe, do not wear bathing, swimming, exercise, if it is dirty, it can be used Wipe with glasses cloth or soft cloth slightly. It is recommended to put it on when not in use. Prevent oxidation and fading in the box. ⭕️Natural stone description The Gemstone used in all works are natural stones, and each natural stone has a pattern All are unique and each has its own characteristics, so the interior of natural stone will be more or less There are natural textures and pores, ice cracks, black spots or impurities. ⭕️If you have any questions, please ask more before buying, thank you. ⭕️Maintenance ● Avoid contact with perfume, lotion, chemicals, etc. ● Please do not wear it when bathing, swimming, bathing in hot springs, or sweating a lot ● When not wearing it, please put the jewelry in a zipper bag to keep away air and moisture to prevent rapid oxidation ⭕️Little reminder ● The products are all taken in kind, and the color performance of each display is different. It is inevitable that there will be a slight color difference. The actual product received shall prevail


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Hand-woven and made with flowing lines as the theme, Sands Obsidian is distributed in areas with or had volcanic activity, such as Hawaii, Japan and Indonesia in the United States. Others include Iceland, Hungary, the Lipari Islands near Italy, Russia, Mexico, Ecuador and Guatemala. Dark nodules are distributed in Arizona and New Mexico.


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