[Summer vacation limited discount] Original double-sided pattern round neck cotton T-shirt-white (multiple patterns)

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No matter in which season, you can easily master this original cotton T that is both sexual and easy to match!



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[Summer vacation limited discount] Original double-sided pattern round neck cotton T-shirt-white (multiple patterns)


https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/pub/detail_banner.jpg https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/pub/banner_01.png https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/tshirt/02_print/02.jpg (Madou 158cm / Demonstration S) Simple and pure white, more unique original design pattern, No matter what season, You can easily master this original cotton T that is easy to match and sex! ☆Please read the design hall transaction policy in detail before ordering☆ ◇100% natural combed cotton, soft to the touch, skin-friendly and comfortable. ◇Choose the required size https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/tshirt/02_print/iShare_T_size.jpg ◇Choose iShare original pattern to make "the pattern selected by order remarks" ─────Original drawings, hand-printed───── https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/pub/allbody_all.jpg https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/pub/allbody_all-2.jpg ----------------------------------------------- The size of the front pattern is fixed at about 18x26cm, Each work is manually printed, and the position is different each time, It cannot be as accurate as machine copying. ----------------------------------------------- ◇Printing color will change due to various irresistible factors such as humidity, room temperature and weather. The position of the pattern cannot be the same for every piece. The printing is manual overprinting, and the offset is normal. There will be some differences in the production at the same time. It is also difficult to make by hand and cannot be as accurate as machine copying. -Photos have different color differences due to different monitors. -Ask questions before ordering, don't imagine and cause misunderstandings! https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/tshirt/02_print/04.jpg ▲Playful and careful on the back https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/tshirt/02_print/05.jpg ▲The personality of over size (Madou 158cm / Demonstration 2XL) https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/tshirt/02_print/06.jpg ▲The back of over size (Madou 158cm / Demonstration 2XL) https://isharetw.github.io/craft/img/tshirt/00_aisa/09.jpg iShare loves hand-made works, Inspiration is inspired by feeling every detail in a simple life with your heart. Then from design, pattern making, cloth search, sewing, graphic printing, All present the works by themselves That imperfect and perfect transfer of thick hand-made temperature. ◇Maintenance method: When washing, turn over and wash. It is recommended to use the dry method. Do not use bleach or chlorine-containing cleaning agents. Do not soak and wash for a long time. Local rubbing of clothes can easily cause damage to the fabric and discoloration. It is a natural phenomenon for fiber cloth products to change color or fade due to moisture, sun or high temperature. ☆Precautions before placing an order☆ ➤Prepared products (pre-prepared semi-finished products/finished products), please ask if there are any ready products before ordering. ➤The production time of the work may vary from 7 days to 2 months, or it may be earlier. Depending on the material, style, quantity, and ordering time of the work, it will affect the time to complete the preparation/finished product production. If you can't wait, you can change the style that has spare parts ordered. ➤If you can't wait, please don't, don't, don't order, so as not to cause trouble for you and me! Thank you! ➤Sorry, sometimes I am helpless and unable to handle urgent cases. ➤Works are all hand-made from tailoring to sewing. There will be gaps in size, size, shape, and color, and they will not be exactly the same. ➤Works of the same style with different colors or the same color will have a slight gap in the texture, feel and color of different batches of fabric. ➤If you have any questions, please ask [before ordering]! Detailed communication can save effort, money and time due to misunderstanding. ➤Hand-made products are inevitably a little imperfect, that is the beauty of hand-made products, high perfectionists do not order! Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan / iShare original hand-made #柴犬#马尔济斯#柯基#贵宾#士奇#gravison#雪纳瑞#法斗#黄金猎犬#吉娃娃#约克夏#比熊#博美#拉不拉多#米格鲁#台灣犬#米克斯#猫# Xi Shi


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