Eat and drink Taiwan (4 in) English version of the postcard / salt crisp chicken, cut into pieces, lo mei, bento buffet

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Eat and drink Taiwanese English postcards / Salt crispy chicken, black pine sauce, cut vegetables, Taiwanese beer, lo mei, apple slap, lunch buffet, Yakult (4 each)



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Eat and drink Taiwan (4 in) English version of the postcard / salt crisp chicken, cut into pieces, lo mei, bento buffet


Recently, it has become more and more common to discover that the longer you work in a diet, the deeper your love in the world of food, and the taste is lighter and simpler year after year. Really, although there is a lot of desire and embarrassment for the richness and deliciousness of foods from all over the world, the list of Taiwanese foods that you want to eat and thirst for is still a long list, even if it is a luxurious feast that has been enjoyed in memory. To be honest, it doesn't really matter. The four Taiwanese cuisines introduced this time, each dish is a home-based flavor that nourishes the mind and body, because these dishes retain the traditional ancient taste, adhere to their own way of cooking, let the taste pass and be nostalgic. **Postcard introduction** The most indispensable part of eating and drinking in Taiwan is the ~ [Low flavor & apple beaten] Apple West Apple Sidra Braised Egg Stewed Egg Chicken Wings Stewed Chicken Wings Spring Onion Spring Onion Dried Soy Dry Spiced Tofu Simply prepare your favorite ingredients, add soy sauce, star aniseed, rock sugar and seasoning pouch and you can prepare your own braised dishes in your own kitchen. [Bed lunch buffet & Yakult] Lactic drink Yogurt Drink Fried Japanese Butterfish Scrambled Egg in Carrot Dried bamboo shoot Fried Water Conifers Fried Water Convolvulus Shredded Pork with Courgette Plain White Rice With an extensive assortment of dishes to choose from, cafeterias usually have long queues come lunch time. [Cut, Taiwan Beer] Cut the dishes Side dishes Taiwan Beer Taiwan Beer Pork liver Pork liver Ginger ginger Chili sauce Soy sauce Powder intestine small intestine Pharyngeal tube Pharynx Raw intestine large intestine If you are looking to fill a hungry tummy, you can't go wrong with a bowl of Noodle with soup and a platter of side dish. [Salt Crisp Chicken, Black Pine Satay] Salted Chicken Taiwanese Popcorn chicken SARS sarsi Corn corn Nine-storey tower basil Big Blood Cake Chicken chicken fried chicken Sweet and not spicy Fish cake Green Bean Wax Bean Popcorn chicken has always been the most popular snack among the best- Selling food at night markets. **Chinese slogan on the back of the postcard** [Low flavor & apple West beat] Mom ~ too brushing mouth! [Bed lunch buffet & Yakult] I am fat in Taiwan. [Cut the ingredients, Taiwan beer] This taste ~ cool! [Salt crisp chicken, black pine sauce] delicious without borders **Postcard specifications** Contents: salt crispy chicken, black pine sauce, cut vegetables, Taiwanese beer, lo mei, apple slap, lunch buffet, Yakult (4 each) Creation: color pencils and watercolor & composite media Material: 420g thick pound art paper Thickness: 0.5mm Size: 148mmx105mm Writing: Any pen is good to write Environmental protection: environmentally friendly ink printing The color of the paper is soft white and non-reflective, giving an elegant and meticulous visual experience. The real product is more delicate and softer than the photo. The writing is smooth, the water absorption is improved, and the stamping is more convenient. Hand-feel paper with good ink absorption, suitable for handwriting and reading. **Postcard sharing** During the trip, I will write down all my feelings and send me a letter. Whenever I get home, I will read the letter and still feel the emotions of the time. Perhaps in other words, reading it is like reading an old and worn love letter, which makes me feel happy. I find my own paradise in such an atmosphere. Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan / Designed by Buywowpup


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