Fabric board socks

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Fabric board socks


Fabric board socks Here is a story with socks as a motif It will be a fabric board. I cut the wool material fabric pasted with the adhesive core in the form of a sock. It is a fabric board that expresses the foot by simple embroidery. SIZE: 30 × 30 COLOR: White (generated) canvas title giver Take this too Because that is also necessary That's good too I need nothing All right I don't need anything So on your socks you saw off There is a hole in it I still Your way of life I can not forget ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ [Episode related to the work] My grandmother was a giver. People who give to people know how to deal with their own greed He was also a person who knew the kindness he had given him. What remains in the heart even after many years He taught me the important things in the way of life not by words but by actions. This work is cut out of such a moment of life. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Please be sure to purchase after understanding the following I will. ※ We are tacking to wooden panel with tucker. The processing of the back is pasted with masking tape to prevent wall scratches. ※ As it is very light, it is hooked with two pens. ※ It may not be at all with the photograph such as the color form. ※ Because it is a handmade item, please refrain from asking for perfection. Please purchase a ready-made product. Only those who can understand it as an art would like it. Please understand the looseness of handmade. ※ packing is a simple thing wrapped in bubble wrap. You do not need to put it in a box. ※ There may be neps and breaks in the fabric. There may be a ball etc. ※ It may be different from the photo in fine parts such as embroidery. I hope you understand one in the world. In addition, I think whether there is a case such as color that can not be transmitted by photos. ※ Please ask questions about parts that you do not know. I will answer in detail. ※ The color of the photo may differ slightly from the photo depending on the condition of the light. ※ There is no shipping on weekends. In the case of a long holiday, etc., it will be shipped from the post office business day from dawn. ※ Please ask anything about the work, such as details, etc.


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