8/3 8/4 Summer peeling. Nothing to play │ Jam DIY-hand coffee - hand paper - tin craft

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The most suitable for parent-child DIY is in [Peeling 寮] Ting Tsai 跤 (ride downstairs)! A joyful learning experience course - you can enjoy the stressful [tin craft], you can drink a good cup of coffee at home, and combine it with Qingcao Lane [hand paper
ไต้หวัน / Taipei City
台北市剝皮寮歷史街區 ( 萬華區康定路171號 )
ก่อนเริ่มเวิร์คช็อป 30 นาที
2 ชั่วโมง
6 ปีขึ้นไป
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8/3 8/4 Summer peeling. Nothing to play │ Jam DIY-hand coffee - hand paper - tin craft


**[Summer peeling 寮. Nothing to play] Experience class to enjoy early bird discounts before 2019/7/25!** - **"Knocking Tin Process"** Course fee: $390 [Creating different life aesthetics] The finished products made on the spot can be used as a flower to beautify the table scenery, soak up the wine to make the wine more moist, and you can make a night light to decorate the room! Come and knock hard, exert unlimited creativity and show the simple beauty of tin. ※Understanding high-quality tin metal - soften the water and make the water clear ※ Tin raw materials pass SGS safety test - **"Summer Jam Handmade"** Course fee: $390 [Let you enjoy the cool summer heat] Specially selected fresh passion fruit pineapple natural jam, led by the teacher, work together, No artificial additives, eat healthy and enjoy delicious. ※Please bring your own**tasting cup**. ※ Learn to make**jam 120ml x 3 bottles**, jam jars are provided on site. ※**Additional code on site - make original pure juice**. - **Handmade Paper Safety Fan** Course fee: small fan $250 / big fan $390 [ Qingcao Lane X, hand-made paper safe fan next to Longshan Temple] Qi fitness drifts with the wind~ A piece of paper carries the old memories of 60 years of grass, full of grassy taste, pleasant aroma, Angelica, Zuo Shouxiang, and wormwood can all be tasted in pulp. You can also cover a cute variety of seals, adults and children love. Personally choose the petals and tastes you like, and put a special fragrant flower fan into your carry-on bag. The size is just right, you can get rid of it at any time, and you must have good things in summer! ※ Small fan size: about 12 x 12CM ※ Large fan size: about 20 x 20CM - **"Hand coffee experience"** Course fee: $350 [I am not at home, just in the cafe; not in the cafe, just on the way to the cafe] Coffee aesthetics has begun to spread to every corner of life~ Come! We have selected 2 fresh beans and 2 kinds of brewing methods. Together with the nostalgic peeling, we taste different coffee flavors. ※Please bring your own**tasting cup and thermos cup**(The experience of brewing coffee can be taken home to drink) ※ Course experience professional**hand punch + press**. ※**Additional code on site: Experience simple production of hanging ear bag**. ──────── **[Summer peeling 寮. Didn't play anymore]** **Date**│ 2019-08-03 (six) ~08-04 (day) **Time**│ 10:00~12:00, 14:00~16:00 **Location**│ No.171, Kangding Road, Wanhua District, Taipei ─ ─ 剥 寮 寮 历史 历史 **sponsored**│ Ajin Wen Chong **Co-organized**│ Gudea Gudie **Coordination**│ Chatter 寮



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