Cleaning theory │ persimmon net smell pet deodorant spray concentration group │ Taiwan red jade │ with pet bath

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● Persimmon-like persimmon tannin deodorizing formula is extracted from the natural deodorizing ingredient "Aiji Persimmon". It has the functions of "deodorizing, bacteriostatic and fragrant". It can quickly absorb odor molecules and ha



Cleaning theory │ persimmon net smell pet deodorant spray concentration group │ Taiwan red jade │ with pet bath

รายละเอียดสินค้า Name:**Persimmon net taste / persimmon tannin deodorizing net taste group** Specifications: 200ml spray bottle + 200ml concentrate Ingredients: Water, Persimmon Extract, Perfume Extract, Glycerin, Grapefruitseed Extract, Preservative Place of Origin: Taiwan **Deodorant product group designed for pet families** ● Non-alcoholic, non-irritating, xylitol-free, used directly in pets, sprayed or wiped with a wet tissue. ● 2 caps about 10ml with shampoo bath, with laundry detergent to clean pet supplies, in addition to taste and bacteria. ● Spray pet space, wipe the floor and quickly remove the taste! ● Use a water oxygen machine to continuously deodorize the space. **Natural fruit extract** Food-grade deodorant and antibacterial patent, which can be used for hairy children and babies The advantages of natural fruits make it easy to solve annoying smell problems! Alcohol-free, non-irritating, xylitol-free, can be used in hairy children, food grade Formulated to directly contact the skin, suitable for a variety of home environment space, clothing, effective to remove odor! **Japanese deodorant patent formula** The polyphenol extracted from the natural fruit by fermentation and partial oxidation, the persimmon tannin belonging to Condensed Tannin has a relatively complicated structural formula, and the tannin content in polyphenols is effective in deodorization and bactericidal power. 20 times, 70 times that of tea. **5 seconds of fast deodorization** The deodorizing effect of persimmon is not a temporary or superficial way of covering the smell like a deodorant spray or perfume. It has a strong deodorizing effect and a long-lasting deodorizing effect because it can decompose unpleasant odors such as sweat and aging odor. The antioxidant effect of tannins. It also has the effect of suppressing the generation of the original odor by preventing the oxidation of sweat and dirt. In fact, it eliminates more than 90% of the main odor, such as isovaleric acid, acetic acid, ammonia and nonenal. 1. Spray directly on the body, the persimmon taste can directly contact the skin, effectively remove the smell of sweat, or spray on a wet tissue or handkerchief to wipe the body. Spray on clothing to quickly eliminate odors, neutral formula does not harm fabrics. 2. It can be sprayed in a odorous space environment, such as toilets, shoe cabinets, shoes, cars, garbage cans, kitchens, etc., with a rag wipe to wipe the home environment, floor, table, oven and so on. 3. Can be used on pets, wipe the floor without fear of dogs, spray on wet paper to wipe the feet or ass, concentrate with bathing bath, can be sprayed directly on the pet, worry about the smell problem can choose non-scented product. 4. Clean the close-fitting clothing or socks, evenly spray the intimate clothes and then soak them, or use a concentrate of 2 caps and about 10ml with laundry detergent to soak.


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