{Typography Postcard} Flying Script | Taiwan's unique four seasons bird word mountain beauty postcard sets (a set of four)

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{Typography Postcard} Flying Script | Taiwan's unique four seasons bird word mountain beauty postcard sets (a set of four)


Taiwan is not only rich in moving, plant ecology, but also inherited the unique culture of traditional Chinese characters. Good time creative team believe that the text is a cultural heritage, the continuation of an important carrier. To the traditional flower and calligraphy and painting in the possession of the word for the inspiration, clever fusion of text, painting in one for the inspiration and to Taiwan native native species, plants as creative elements to "Historical Records Taishi public order": "husband spring summer long, autumn winter As well as the characteristics of the selected species in Taiwan, the development of the "spring", "summer", "autumn", "winter silence" Such as the symbol of Taiwan's native power of flowers and birds text. Birds selected in 2007 Taiwan Folk Society for Sustainable Ecology, the International Bird Watching Association organized by the selection of four birds with a certain representative of the unique birds: including "the king of the fog," said the Taiwan pheasant, with Taiwan Family characteristics of the Taiwan Blue Magpie, elegant gorgeous blue abdomen, delicate bright yellow tits. By portraying the above representative native birds beautiful body, will be totem, as many beautiful, each with a unique and distinctive spirit of Taiwan's performance, gathered together and have a harmonious beauty. And its habitat environment can be seen in the plants, interpretation of Taiwan's four seasons unique beauty. As the guardian of the island beautiful and unique messenger, as the nature of the many addicted to the excitement of many exclamation points. To the biological and natural environment of the harmonious interaction as the basic concept, to create a dedicated to Taiwan, the guardian of the island's beautiful "Taiwan mountain beauty." **- Chunsheng -** "Health": the beginning of the year, all things for the concept of growth. "In the spring sun warm sunshine, in the Pingtung Clematis before the encounter blue abdomen 鹇 鹇 鹇 鹇" "" "" "" "" "" , To start the life of love song. **- summer -** "Fan": biological reproduction, life continued lively and joy. Tang Bai Juyi "pool on the early summer" cloud "Shuiquan Chun Tong late, Yin Xie summer wood. Boat, such as wild crossing, fence off like Jiangcun. Jingqing piano mats, fragrant open wine library door. Jiao Sun. "By the family cluster, nestling characteristics of the Taiwan blue magpie family flies shuttle in the summer blooming Taiwan wild lily between the show the prosperity of life force. **- Autumn -** "Magic": seasonal changes and changes, both beautiful but unpredictable. Tang Bai Juyi "wood hibiscus" "late autumn fog who is similar, such as jade beauty with wine capacity." Song Huang from the dragon "Dream Pen Mountain" "Furong magic painting difficult." Petite and lovely, Hibiscus blooming flowers, sometimes talking, sometimes singing, singing the seasonal changes in the season. **- winter silence -** "Silence": the earth attributed to the quiet, waiting, lurking for the wake up again and sleep. "The king of the fog in the king," said the Taiwan emperor pheasant stroll in Taiwan, the horse drunk flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers, Show the king was lonely, lonely perfect state. Yes, this is not the end of the life cycle, but the next season gorgeous dormant. With a full blessing to the rest of the world, starting from Taiwan, Taiwan will be a good image to share more people! Flying Script is a typography project focused on endangered species indigenous of Taiwan. To highlight the importance of environmental protection, this project fuses natural elements of flowers and birds specific to the country together with the four seasons and traditional calligraphy. The result is an original perspective that festive Taiwan's rich history and culture. Awards: 2012 USA ADAA ADOBE DESIGN ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS 2012 Adobe Excellence Design Competition Semifinallist Finalists Material: Lenny Paper Size: General postcard specifications. An original price of $ 45, a set of four, special $ 150 Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan



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