[Earth Series] original DIY bracelet Stone Amazon Stone 925 sterling silver bracelets

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LifelikeDream Handmade
LifelikeDream Handmade
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[Earth Series] original DIY bracelet Stone Amazon Stone 925 sterling silver bracelets


**【Earth Series】Original DIY Bracelet Tianhe Stone Amazon Stone 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet** 【**Material**】 Tianhe Stone 10mm+, 8mm+ 925 sterling silver accessories 【**Efficacy**】 __Tianhe Stone/ Amazon Stone__ — It is a Gemstone that can increase self-confidence, can eliminate negative emotions, make people become positive and calm, and help people rekindle confidence, courage and struggle. Don't give up easily and turn defeat into victory. — According to Western legends, Tianhe Stone the energy of luck, speculation, and turning dangers into profit; it is easy to win money when playing cards with this Gemstone; it is easy to succeed in investing and doing business; it is easy to get help from the nobles when taking on dangerous tasks. . — Tianhe Stone master corresponds to the throat chakra, and the energy also leads to the heart chakra, which can treat diseases such as trachea, respiratory tract, larynx, and lungs. 【**Hand circumference measurement method**】 __method 1__ Use a soft ruler to make a circle around the wrist, the length of the circle is the size of the hand circumference __Method 2__ Use a strip of paper or rope around the thinner part of the wrist to make a mark at the intersection, and then use a ruler to measure the length of the strip or rope. This length is the size of the hand circumference. 【**Purchase Notice**】 The photos are all taken in kind, and the color difference is unavoidable due to the influence of the product material and the display. Especially for natural crystals, the color will not be exactly the same for every batch or even every crystal. All crystals come from nature and are not artificially synthesized or colored. Crystals are formed in nature after a long time. Due to factors such as crustal movement, there will be ice cracks, cotton wool or clouds, mines, and inclusions in natural crystals. Wait, these are the characteristics of natural crystals, not flaws. However, the designer will try to choose the most beautiful crystal products. **Ice crack** It is that the inside of the crystal seems to have cracks visually, and it has the feeling of a flower. During the growth of natural crystal, it will encounter the squeeze of the stratum and produce some "cracks". These are not real cracks. **Cotton wool or clouds** Cotton wool or clouds means that there is a fuzzy feeling or the existence of cotton wool in the crystal. **Mine** Mainly refers to the mine pit on the surface of the crystal, which is naturally formed during the growth of the crystal rather than human-induced damage. 【**Crystal Care and Taboos**】 Natural crystals and colored Gemstone are fragile products. Although the hardness is higher than glass, the crystals are very brittle. You still need to be careful to protect them during normal wearing to avoid falling and scratching. 1. Avoid contact with chemical substances. 2. Avoid wearing it when taking a bath. 3. Avoid bumps and scratches. 4. Avoid wearing when sweating a lot. 【**Silver jewelry care and taboos**】 1. Avoid contact with chemical substances. 2. Avoid wearing it when bathing, exercising, or bathing in hot springs. 3. Keep silver jewelry dry from time to time. 4. If the silver jewellery turns yellow, you can use toothpaste and water to gently clean the surface, or you can use a Silver wiping cloth to gently wipe the silver jewellery surface. 【**Shipping and Logistics Arrangements**】 The product will be shipped within 7 days, and the goods will be**SF Express**. After sending, you can check the waybill number in the order status. **Note:**Please fill in**correct**personal information. If the goods cannot be delivered due to incorrect information, there will be no refund or reissue of the goods. 【**Refund and Exchange**】 As the accessories are shipped after careful inspection by the designer, if there is any problem such as damage after receiving the goods, you should take pictures immediately and contact the designer to arrange a return. No refunds or exchanges are accepted for other man-made reasons. No refunds are allowed after payment. You can only change to other styles with the same price or make up the difference to purchase other styles before shipment.


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Original DIY Bracelet Tianhe Stone Amazon Stone 925 Sterling Silver Bracelet


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