[Q-cute] Small Drawstring Pocket Series-Shiba Inu, Shiqi, Corgi, Dachshund-Added Characters/Customized

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[Q-cute] Small Drawstring Pocket Series-Shiba Inu, Shiqi, Corgi, Dachshund-Added Characters/Customized


+ Introduction Small drawstring pocket Cute Lucky Chai Chai Cool Black Lulu Shiqi The cute and short-legged little Corgi Delicious dachshund All are cute Customize the desired alphabet, English, and digital content Letters under 7 letters Represents her/his name Like your secret letters Express your thoughts in short words The color of the text can be selected, if not selected, it will be made with brown text The rope should be as close as possible, not exactly the same color as the text https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/32811956058_e03acf8af8_o_d.jpg + Color https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4166/34835288855_c232396a00_o_d.jpg + Pattern wool + 100% cotton 8A medium thick canvas + Production time 7 working days (excluding holidays, the number of more than 1 will be more than a few days) + Note . Every computer and mobile phone screen will have color difference, please evaluate and purchase . The color of the hat is subject to the actual product . The material and color of each batch of goods will be slightly different . The pattern and text of each product are made of pure handmade wool, and there will be some differences in size . The patterns are all schematics, not exactly the same as the photo samples, please think twice about perfectionism . The pattern cannot be pulled and rubbed with force to cause damage . Our turnover has not reached the required amount, so there is no invoice and compilation . If the product is not picked up and returned, please be responsible for the shipping cost for re-sent . It is normal that the back of the product is fluffy, and the patterns are all pure wool, just like wool sweaters and Embroidery thread clothes. Don’t be afraid of hair or body contact. . The goods are not in stock, it takes time to make, please wait patiently . Our hats are made for adults + Precautions for urgent goods . Please don’t place the order directly, and I will inform you that I can’t handle it for you afterwards. Please forgive me . Telling the quantity of goods? colour? pattern? Delivery area? Delivery date? We will evaluate whether we have time to produce + Precautions for customized products . Customized products will not be returned . If you have additional words or customized products, please write to us or write on the remarks . The product size is fixed and cannot be customized "Pet Customization" . Please give the photo a close-up of the front face, try to use white light, avoid too dark or too dark photos, the photos need no special effects, these will affect the pet's coat color . Because it is a cute style and not a realistic production, no photos will be provided after the completion, please let us know if you need it . If you want to modify, you can only have one chance. After receiving the product, you cannot modify the production or say that you are not satisfied with the behavior of returning the product "Pattern customization" . There is no way to customize well-known, cartoon patterns or other product patterns . Can make a pattern drawn by yourself, evaluate whether it can be made in the letter "Add character customization" . Limited to 7 characters (including 7 characters or less) . Because of the hand-punching of wool felt, it is impossible to make Chinese characters with too many strokes and complicated fonts (please write to evaluate the Chinese characters). It is recommended to change to English abbreviations or English names . If you want more words, add 30 yuan for each word. If you are sure, an exclusive store will be opened to place an order . The font cannot be changed uniformly, and the size and position will not be exactly the same as the photo . If you want to change the color of the font, please inform us in the letter, mainly in the color of the photo . A word can only reach the range of 1.5X1.5 + Note for foreign buyers . They are all sent by the post office, not SF Express, please give us the detailed Chinese and English address and Chinese and English name . Because the overseas production and delivery time will be longer, please wait patiently . Please note that dried flower products cannot be sent abroad + Precautions for maintenance of wool felt . The wool felt pattern or text should not be deformed or shrunk. It should not be washed in a washing machine. It will not be easily deformed by washing by hand . Do not scrub with a brush, air dry after washing . Do not dry to avoid shrinkage . Wool felt is a natural product. It is normal that small hair balls will be produced when friction is used for a long time. Use scissors to trim it or use a medium-low temperature iron to iron it. . The wool felt pattern or text is dirty, please clean it up in time . Do not use hot water, vigorous scrubbing or cleaning agents


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Cute patterns and customization present the exclusive drawstring pockets that you and I only understand


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