"Flower" literary magazine No. 26 - I am more radical than Hong Kong

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"Flower" literary magazine No. 26 - I am more radical than Hong Kong


Bimonthly, "boiled fish culture" published, published every single month, in business, triple, world, China, Kubrick, Page One, Eslite, Musical, Preamble, Yulin, Pastoral and other available. Partial stock is limited and is on sale. After the World Cup, we are still radical. Radical, Radical, the Latin root has the meaning of "root", meaning root. "Radical" generally refers to politics and social attitudes. Similar and more commonly used in the artistic dimension is the "avant-garde," which in its general context is also positive: challenging the frontiers, standing at the forefront of art, the elite, and shocking the vulgar middle class. Radical enterprising means "returning to the basics" at the same time. Avant-garde is forward, but it may also be "retro." Many avant-garde arts have in practice reformed and molded their predecessors' ideas. In this issue of "I am More Than Hong Kong," Chen Chih-tung talked about the absolute rejection of cooperation by the ancients Ji Kang. Li Weiyi's re-entry into Hong Kong's "root", the tooth root, is the symbol of Hong Kong. Xu Zhiyuan wrote for us Out of the radical state of Liu Xiaobo in China in the 1980s and the idealistic environment in which "radical" thought can be absorbed into voraciousness. And Liao Wentang uttered the difficulty of "radicalization" today: both the poet and the poem became murderers and accomplices The old values and beliefs have been confused and sold. Yan Jun also wrote meat and pixels at the same time. The former is the basic composition of man and the latter is the basic unit of the computer age. In addition, the editorial department's collective idea that "you are very radical" is a distortion of Hong Kong's youth by narcissistic generation and conservative society Absurd out of self-deprecating. Cause of death in Hong Kong If no longer radical, Hong Kong will perish. Japan has two movies that can be read for comparison: one is "Japan sank," and the other is "all sunk outside Japan." If a small island of Hong Kong shot a disaster film, will the war on aliens? Or "Hong Kong boring" or "Hong Kong is also boring outside of Kowloon"? Dull enough to murder a city, the most fear that Hong Kong will eventually die in the absence of imagination, only take the best of the world, invite readers to design a Hong Kong "cause of death in Hong Kong." When society is regressing, even if you stand still, you are already over-excited. Imagine the demise of a city, not necessarily violent, can be quite gentle and even full of humor; not necessarily all negative energy, it can be the responsibility of love, or reverse thinking, imagine how to let us in the city do not Perished, and even rebirth. Other exciting content: Talk to poet and poem about Shanghai poet Han Bo Chen Hui column recovery era Dong Qizhang: From heaven to work - a city built Huang Curan: Paul. Celan and his translator Origin / manufacturing methods Hong Kong


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