[Ecological Green] Follicle Coffee Hanging Ear Bag 30 Into - Sweet Green

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10g x 30
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● Carry it anywhere, anytime ●Strictly select the quality of the source, high quality raw materials ●Nitrogen seal, the aroma is just like grinding ●The entrance is back to Gan, the level is rich and not anxious. ●The original beans are ground into the bag


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[Ecological Green] Follicle Coffee Hanging Ear Bag 30 Into - Sweet Green


[The most beautiful experience] It is our initial heart to give you peace of mind, convenience, and delicious coffee. Six years ago, I saw many busy friends, I could only choose a limited amount of coffee, and many unnecessary food additives were also drunk together. In order to let consumers drink healthy and taste good coffee, eco green Taiwanese consumers are not familiar with coffee ear bags, and launched the first generation of hand-filled coffee hanging ear bags, which became hot products. After six years, no matter the formula, process or packaging, after continuous improvement, I hope that through a cup of coffee, the deliciousness and the mind can be transmitted lightly. Green, from the ideal of ecological green start-up brand, representing the environment is sustainable, starting from the source of production of goods, so we started to promote fair trade, so we emphasize the sweet-scented African-style coffee ear bag in green As the basis of creation. [Sweet and smooth, Africa is fragrant and fragrant] The sweet-scented flavor is based on Ethiopian clothing from Africa, with a scent of aroma from Africa. In the soft and elegant sweetness, you can feel the freshness of the citrus and floral, sweet and sweet. Adhere to the use of 100% high-altitude Arabica coffee beans, freshly baked in Taiwan, nitrogen-filled packaging, fresh, unopened aroma, and more international fair trade organization (FLO) certification, delicious and fair without compromise! https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/913416/image6.jpg?ts=113555 [Ecological Green, Promoting Better Society] All eco-green coffee products have obtained international fair trade certification, which not only checks the social responsibility of the production chain from the source, but also is responsible for the production methods and quality. Drinking a cup of ecological green coffee can not only enjoy peace of mind, high quality and good taste, but also change the poor development community, raise human rights standards, promote women's social equality, improve children's welfare, promote environmental protection and sustainable agricultural production. . [Ecological green coffee hanging ear bag brewing steps] 1. Peel off the outer packaging of the follicular coffee hanging ear bag and tear the inner bag along the dotted line above the filter bag. 2. Pull the ears on both sides of the hanging ear bag and hang them on the edge of the cup. 3. Slowly inject about 180cc of hot water and soak for about 30 seconds. 4. Pick up the filter bag hanging on the edge of the cup and enjoy a good cup of coffee. https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/913086/image4.jpg?ts=122129 Product specifications Ingredients: 100% high quality fair trade certified coffee Each serving (10g) is brewed in 250ml, 90°C hot water for 30 seconds, caffeine content is 125mg (coffee beans are natural agricultural products, which will affect the caffeine content due to the climate of the place of origin and brewing conditions) Raw beans origin: Honduras, Brazil, Ethiopia Content: 10g per pack, 30 packs per pack Effective date: printed on the packaging on the first day of the month Shelf life: 18 months Storage method: Please place it in a dry and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, please drink as soon as possible after unpacking Manufacturing location: Taiwan Manufacturer: Eco Green Co., Ltd. Food industry login number: A128646760000007


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