Tree of Life Herb Bundle Dedicated Incense Inserts (applicable to large and small bundles)

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Tree of Life Herb Bundle Dedicated Incense Inserts (applicable to large and small bundles)


Please read about me before purchasing. ***All discounts are optional. Multiple discounts cannot be combined with the discounts for members of the club! Please choose one of the two discounts, except if your order has two discounts, I will cancel the order directly! ***From now on, please be sure to record the unpacking, and use the video as a proof to make up, exchange, and return. If there is no video, it will not be accepted! ***There are some color differences in the photos, please be careful to subscript if you mind! ***To our dear overseas guests (especially Hong Kong and Macau): Thank you very much for your long-term support and love from Hong Kong and Macau friends! Many people will ask me why I can't send SF Express, in fact, I'm happy to help you send SF Express, SF Express is good, fast and cheap, but unfortunately, SF Express is not willing to help me send vanilla and powder parcels (he will one by one. Check and seal the box for me, so I can't hide the entrainment), so if you want to buy vanilla and powder, you can only use it by post. Maybe some old customers who have been supporting for a long time will find out how the freight price has been increased. In fact, the freight rate of the Taiwan Post Office has been increased. Before I started shipping from $170, now it is $250. In fact, we are really losing money on shipping. In particular, we also have a full-amount shipping waiver event. Now the smallest item of the same item sent from Taiwan to Hong Kong starts at NT$248. I have the mailing documents from the post office here. If you have any doubts, you can ask me to see the shipping documents, so We have to increase it. We don’t want to earn your shipping fees. We have been absorbing shipping fees for a long time, and we also give you full discounts. Moreover, Pinkoi’s handling fees are very high. In addition to Taiwan’s sales tax, our operating pressure is also very high. Big, we only think about how to provide more natural and better quality products to everyone, and it is really a last resort to increase the freight. I hope everyone can understand and continue to support. The store manager said: It is said that the store manager has rarely purchased incense Taiwan, but why is this one necessary? He's so convenient, isn't that bundle of vanilla held by hand? But it will be sour when you take it, or will it be a little hot to the end? At this time, insert him directly on this incense stick, and the whole thing is safe and secure! ! ! ! He is a group, opened and divided into two parts, just the right size for large bundles of herbs and small bundles of herbs, and they are well prepared. After all, he is a concept that treats the herb bundles as standing incense sticks! Not only that, he used it to put carbon cakes, and the incense tower (cone incense) is also very suitable, and it can be said to be multi-purpose! After use, pour out the ash, tap it to clean up the embers, and put it away again, it is also very suitable for carrying around! A warm reminder that ashes will fall off when the bundle is burned, so it is recommended to put a small plate or a small plate of paper under the incense stick to catch the ashes! About the Tree of Life: The tree of life, also known as the tree of the world, is linked to the cycle of birth, living, death and regeneration. In Christianity, this tree is the tree from which Adam and Eve plucked the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. In general, the tree of life represents the connection between the four elements of the earth (earth, wind, air, fire) and represents the infinite connection between the creation of all things. size: Width: 5.5cm, total thickness: 3cm Diameter of the big side: 4cm Small side diameter: 3cm


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Handmade, there are slight errors in size, shape, weight, thickness.


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