Iron kettle hail, round 1.2L

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Iron kettle hail, round 1.2L


iron kettle. It is often thought that the hurdles are quite high, but when you actually use it, there is no need for troublesome maintenance, and the taste of hot water compared to Stainless Steel kettles is easy to understand, so it is a tool that you want to use more everyday. I will simply introduce two points. ● The hot water is clearly mellow and delicious First of all, the taste of hot water that you care about most. It is an iron kettle, not a kyusu, so it is used when boiling water. It's often said to be "mellow," but it's soft enough to be noticeably felt. It is especially easy to understand if it is plain hot water. Some of them are enamel-processed to make them easier to handle, but of course all of the ones introduced in Pint! Are iron itself. It suppresses various substances and karuki in water and contains iron that is easily absorbed by the body. It seems that iron is difficult to get in your diet. It's natural and easy to replenish with regular water or hot water instead of supplements. ● Simple way to interact with the iron kettle When I actually used it, I found that there were not so many rules and it was simple. There are two main. 1. 1. After boiling the water, use it up and empty the contents. After boiling the water, let's use it up. Boil as much as you use up, transfer to a pot, and discard any remaining hot water. If you empty the hot iron kettle, the hot water inside will evaporate and dry immediately due to the residual heat. If the inside gets cold, just throw away the water and heat it a little to evaporate. 2. 2. Do not wash or touch the inside It is used to boil water and does not need to be washed. Also, do not touch the inside. The more you use it, the more the film will be peeled off by the scale and it will become stronger. Details are also described in the instruction manual included with the product, but there may be many uncertainties, so please feel free to contact us at any time. This iron kettle is a Yamagata casting from Yamagata prefecture. The feature of Yamagata casting is that it is thinner than other production areas. The wall thickness is about 3 mm. The weight of the iron kettle is a concern, but it seems that thin-making technology has been developed to make it easier to use and lighter. For finishing, an oxide film is formed by baking at a high temperature of 1000 degrees or more to prevent gold, and it has a rust preventive effect. The interior is lacquered. Although it depends on the production area and craftsmen, there are many iron kettles that are half mechanical, but all of these iron kettles are handmade. Therefore, the production volume is very small, and the situation where production has not caught up at all continues, and mass production is not possible. All manual processes and materials are iron-baked and lacquered, so you can purchase the manufacturing process and quality with confidence. Please feel free to contact us for maintenance and the next arrival schedule in case of shortage. [Material] Iron (grilled lacquer finish) 【capacity】 1.2L 【weight】 About 1.6kg [Size] Approximate size. Each is the longest part Body diameter (excluding spout): 13.5 cm Length including spout: 18.5 cm Body height: 10 cm Height including strings: 18 cm Bottom diameter: 10.5 cm [Handling] ・ Please refer to "How to interact with the iron kettle is simple" above. ・ Detailed handling method will be included in the product. ・ IH can be used without any problem. However, depending on the IH device, it seems that it will not work if the diameter of the bottom surface is not enough, so please be careful only about that point. As an iron kettle, there is no problem at all. [Other types] There are other sizes and types. Please see from the list of Pint! Works.


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