Hemimorphite Silver Necklace [ Silver 925]

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Hemimorphite Silver Necklace [ Silver 925]


【Product Details】 [Hemi mole Fight Pendant] Material: hemi mole Fight, Sterling Silver (925 Silver) Size: hemi mole Fight size vertical about 2.5cm width about 1.5cm [Heart Chain] Material: Sterling silver (925 Silver) Size: chain length of about 45cm (including the Vatican) [Shopkeeper comments] Adult of natural stone silver necklace up a notch. Silver necklace of hemi mole Fight. This necklace attachment boils since has produced handmade one by one. Hemi mole Fight, has been used as a long time from the talisman amulet "holy magic of the drop". Amulet or talisman away the evil, people of climacteric is recommended a power stone as a talisman of exorcism. With protect from the evil ones, encourage the spiritual growth of the owner, it has been said to us nurtured the ambition. In addition, to wear a hemi mole Fight, it is said to send is calm and life was blessed with affection. It recommends a Power Stone also as a gift for loved ones. Chain Silver 925 Heart chain. Chain continuous a cute heart. It finished in a very cute silver chain with feminine design. Silver to become a skin tan. I think that is also pleased to present to loved ones. Only one ... to the world I am happy if enjoy the jewelry made of tropical. [Notes at the time of the purchase] ● stone you are using will deliver natural therefore crack inclusions, etc. even in pristine condition. Please understand that, but there is also that there is such as some of the cracks in terms of here. ● For handmade, but there is also that there is such as some of the blackheads, scratches This point, please understand. ● Sterling Silver (925) is, there is a risk of discoloration. Because there is that summer that would especially wet with sweat, after wear Please wipe gently with a jewelry cloth or the like. In addition, when it is not being worn, such as adhesion bladder, such as not to touch the air It is possible to long patronized by where I am and store. Please avoid wearing at the time of bathing in the inclusive hot springs such as the sulfur component. ● During cleaning, please use the Silver dedicated cloth or cleaning solution. ● Because there is that change is a slight impression and the real thing by the reflection of light or the like Please note. In addition, the performance of the monitor that is to the customer's use, There are times when the color of the image may look slightly different from the real thing. ● products that we received your order directly from the local Bali post office, will be delivered using the international air mail to your home customer. It will be delivered in from the date of shipment for about 1 to 2 weeks. After receiving the shipping completion mail from our shop, if your luggage even if it only two weeks have not received, please contact our shop. Origin / production method Origin Bali handmade


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