咕噜ゴロゴロ two acres of field pineapple small square crisp grapefruit cake alpine tea with gifts

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50g x 1
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Stick to the simplest materials and never add any artificial colors and preservatives and ghee. The earthy pineapple from Changhua Baguashan and the grapefruit of Ehime Prefecture have a combination of Taiwanese and Japanese flavors.



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咕噜ゴロゴロ two acres of field pineapple small square crisp grapefruit cake alpine tea with gifts


**☑No additives ☑Fresh hand-made ☑100% hand-cooked earth pineapple stuffing ☑AOP natural cream making ☑100% Hokkaido condensed milk** **Industry and Commerce Bank Group buys a letter to discuss, and another offer** **Also choose to pair with tea bags or ear-hanging coffee** The above welcome letter to ask. Stick to the simplest materials Never add any artificial colors and preservatives and ghee Support local smallholder ingredients and select good ingredients Personally select the pineapple from Changhua Baguashan And high quality and good quality Ehime grapefruit Good tea with good quality in the ground : The key to deliciousness, use different cutters to deal with Keep the pineapple fiber and stir it with the three warm sugar Caramelized pineapple filling, full of taste A pineapple cake with a pure natural sour and sweet taste of pineapple can be tasted at the mouth. : Ehime grapefruit with unique aroma and sourness Adding white wine removes the astringency of grapefruit Very refreshing and simple : The tea bag is carefully selected from the frozen top oolong tea in the alpine tea garden of Lugu Township, Nantou County. The tea leaves are subjected to a high-temperature quenching chain with a classic roasted caramel aroma that is perfect for a pastry. The original three-dimensional tea bag made by the original leaves, the cold bubble is sweet and smooth; the hot bubble is not bitter! Cold foam method: Take two packs into 600ml bottled water and put them in the refrigerator for about 6-8 hours to drink. It is suitable for hot summer. Hot bubble method: Take a bag and put it into a 300ml mug, inject boiling hot water for 10–15 minutes, and the tea fragrance is completely released, suitable for cold winter. **Ingredients** Homemade natural pineapple filling Quanyou Ranch Soup Fresh Eggs French Isini whipped cream New Zealand natural cream and milk powder Japanese three warm sugar Hokkaido pure condensed milk cheese powder Liquor Nisshin violet flour Ehime Prefecture honey grapefruit **Specification** Pineapple cake -50g ± 5g / 1 piece Grapefruit Cake - 270g ± 5 / 1 Frozen top oolong tea bag -5 into about 3g per pack **Save method & best taste period** Xiaofang Crisp - Pineapple - The best taste period: finished in 3 days. It can be placed at room temperature for 7 days and refrigerator for 14 days. The shelf life is 7 days (the date is attached to the outer box) Grapefruit Cake - Store at room temperature for 3 days and freeze for 15 days (date attached to the outside of the box for normal temperature) tea bag- Marked on the back of the outer or inner bag (730 days after the date of manufacture) Place a ventilated place and do not expose to hot and humid places. The refrigerator can be eaten after taking out the ice, or it can be baked in the oven. The crust is easy to soften due to the use of natural cream. If you want to eat crispy, you can put it in the oven and bake it to maintain a crisp taste. **Other instructions** ※ This product is freshly hand-made after ordering. It takes about 3-7 working days after ordering, and it will be sent in order. When ordering, please note in the address column “Hope of arrival date and time” (actual arrival time) Due to errors in the delivery time of the home delivery, no remarks will arrive in the morning. ****Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Mother's Day home delivery adjustment instructions Due to the peak volume of the New Year's cargo, the designated delivery date and delivery time cannot be provided, and the next day cannot be guaranteed. Date of influence: 1/21~2/9 (the delivery time of the house, according to the delivery date of the house company) **** **Environmentally loves the earth, does not provide tableware**✎ (to make a contribution to our planet) ◎ Gift box with carrying bag ------------------- Reunion gift box limited ------------------- Simple and elegant gift box packaging designed by the designer Simple and elegant gifts are suitable for personal use Let the time of gathering also have a snack **|咕噜ゴロゴロ|** Strictly select the ingredients, freshly made Personally visit local natural ingredients These are the things we have to do. Treat friends who like us We must strictly control the quality of each ingredient. Let everyone enjoy it without burden -------------------------------------------------- ----------- More products, please see the fan group: goro.studio -------------------------------------------------- ----------- Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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