Diamond and sapphire K18 necklace

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Diamond and sapphire K18 necklace


A K18 necklace featuring small sapphires and pear-shaped diamonds. The unique design shines in a delicate and simple design that is fluttering at the chest. Glittering diamonds, it is small and delicate yet has a solid presence on the chest. The simple design with small Gemstone is recommended because it is easy to match with various coordination. Sapphire is also famous as the birthstone for September and the birthstone for diamond April. Featuring a combination of diamonds and sapphires, the K18 necklace has a delicate and simple design. The Stone clasp on the necklace top is made as small and casual as possible. Although it is small, it firmly supports the Stone and enhances the presence of the Gemstone. All the metal fittings are 18K gold, and the craftsmen have carefully polished the details. You can enjoy the brilliance of bright yellow gold for a long time. diamond Stone Words: Chastity Perfection Eternal Bond (April Birthstone) The Japanese name is Kongo Stone, Mohs hardness 10. April birthstone. Diamonds such as beautiful and powerful luster and fire woven by seven colors of light have always fascinated people. It is the Stone and most famous Gemstone on earth. Most minerals are made up of a combination of multiple elements, but diamond is made of elemental carbon. It has been considered an immortal Gemstone since ancient times because of its hardness of 10 Mohs hardness and its stable structure made of simple carbon. From there, giving a diamond has the implication of giving an eternal bond. It is said to be a symbol of eternal love and is used by many for engagement rings. The colorless and transparent diamonds can also mean chastity. In some countries, diamonds are also customarily given as Gemstone to commemorate the 60th anniversary of marriage. It is called a diamond wedding anniversary because it is a couple who has a strong bond like a diamond, which is said to be the hardest in the world. sapphire Stone Words: Integrity Charity God's Blessing (September Birthstone) sapphire The Japanese name is Aotama Jade, Mohs hardness 9. Sapphire, which is one of the three major Gemstone in the world, is called sapphire in blue color and fancy sapphire in other sapphires. The mineral name of sapphire is corundum. Ruby is also minerally the same corundum as sapphire. It is also famous as the birthstone for September. The origin of the name of sapphire is "sapphire" which means blue in Latin. Because of its color, it has been regarded as the Stone closest to God as blue in the sky, the earth, and the universe. It has been believed that sapphire evokes strong and straightforward feelings and leads to success. It was also thought to bring about sincere and gentle love by wearing it, and it was believed that it could be merciful, healed, and saved from suffering and suffering. Sapphire is a Gemstone that is given as an amulet of love and a wedding ring that pierces true love. ■ Stone [Number] ・ Diamond x 1 Stone ・ Sapphire x 1 Stone 【size】 ・ Diamond: Approximately 4.0mm x 2.4mm x 1 Stone ・ Sapphire: Approximately 1.3mm in diameter x 1 Stone 【carat】 ・ Diamond: 0.1ct x 1 Stone ■ Necklace [Vertical] Approximately 6.5 mm [Horizontal] Approximately 2.7 mm [Thickness] Approximately 1.6 mm [Chain overall length] Approximately 40 cm [Weight] Approximately 0.73g * Because natural stone is used, inclusions (cracks and inclusions) peculiar to Stone may be included or the shape may be slightly different. We sort Stone as much as possible, but we hope you enjoy it as a natural attraction. I shoot in a shape that matches the appearance as much as possible, but the color of the Stone changes depending on the screen of the smartphone or computer. Please note before purchasing. ■ For customers who are considering purchasing products * All are free of charge and come with a wrapping with a mount and a product warranty. * <About paid wrapping> Gift wrapping for gifts is also available. If you would like to pay for wrapping, please purchase from the following along with your order. <Normal gift wrapping> https://pinkoi.com/product/iym4emMM <Gift wrapping with jewelry case> https://pinkoi.com/product/8c56vCX5 <Jewelry case (with RASPIA logo)> https://pinkoi.com/product/FJ7DRRzs


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Featuring a combination of diamonds and sapphires, the K18 necklace has a delicate and simple design. The Stone clasp on the necklace top is made as small and casual as possible.


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